Singles 1955-1981

All Capitol serial numbers prefixed with “XE” denote a Stereo single.

Year Title A/B Label & Serial #
1955 If Anyone Finds This, I Love You/ Turn Right RCA 47-5999
1955 Foolishly Yours/For Better Or Worse RCA 47-6079
1955 Good And Lonesome/Where, What Or When RCA 47-6146
1955 Without A Song/ Home Sweet Home On The Range RCA 47-6247
1955 The Rock And Roll Waltz/ I’ve Changed My Mind A Thousand Times RCA 47-6359
1956 Second Fiddle/ Love Ain't Right RCA 47-6541
1956 The Things I Never Had/The Good Book RCA 47-6617
1956 The Brass Ring/ Touch And Go RCA 47-6748
1957 Jamie Boy/ A Little Loneliness RCA 47-6864
1957 My Heart Reminds Me/ Flim Flam Floo RCA 47-6981
1957 Help Me/ The Last Song And Dance RCA 47-7114
1958 Stroll Me/ Rockin’ Chair RCA 47-7218
1958 Bridge Of Sighs/ Voodoo Man RCA 47-7338
1959 Oh, How I Miss You Tonight/ He Cha Cha’d In RCA 47-7414
1959 I Couldn’t Care Less/ (I Don’t Care) Only Love Me RCA 47-7521
1959 Riders In The Sky/Night Train Capitol F-4295
1960 You Always Hurt The One You Love/ Gonna Get A Guy Capitol F-4339
1961 Just For A Thrill/ Out In The Cold Again Capitol F-4419
1961 Foolin' Around/Kay's Lament Capitol F-4542
1961 Well I Ask Ya/ The Rough Riders Capitol F-4620
1962 I’m Alone Because I Love You/I Cry By Night Capitol XE1-1681
1962 Baby, Won’t You Please Come Home/More Than You Know Capitol XE2-1681
1962 Lover Man (Oh, Where Can You Be?)/My Kinda Love Capitol XE3-1681
1962 It Had To Be You/ Nevertheless Capitol XE4-1681
1962 What Do You See In Her?/ I’m Still In Love With You Capitol XE5-1681
1962 Oh, Lonesome Me/ Four Walls Capitol F-4835
1963 Bossa Nova Cassanova/ Swingn’ At The Hungry O Capitol F-4894
1963 No Regrets/ Cherche La Rose Capitol F-4983
1963 To Each His Own/ Make A Circle Capitol F-5046
1964 Dancing On My Tears/ It’s Happening All Over Again Capitol F-5194
1964 Friends/ Together Again Capitol F-5259
1964 Lorna’s Here/ Look On The Brighter Side Capitol F-5328
1965 Happy/ I Forgot To Forget Capitol F-5386
1965 Never Dreamed I Could Love Someone New/ I Know That You Know Capitol F-5492
1965 Tears And Heartaches/ Old Records Capitol F-5601
1967 When The Light’s Go On Again/ Only When You’re Lonely ABC 11013
1967 Melancholy Baby/ Some Sweet Tomorrow ABC 11049
1968 12th Street Marching Band/ Something Happened To Me Dot 17183
1970 Knock Knock, Who’s There/ Sweet Blindness Happy Tiger HT533
1973 Saturday Night/ Rangers Waltz GNP 468
1974 Frankie And Johnny/ Oklahoma Hills GNP 476
1974 Tie A Yellow Ribbon/ Something’s Missing GNP 488
1975 What Can I Say After I Say I’m Sorry/ After You’ve Gone GNP 493
1981 The Feeling Doesn't Go Away/ He Will Call Again GP 591

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