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Welcome to Oliver's Free Willy Website. I'm Oliver and I am 3 and a half years old. My mum helped me make this website about my favourite friend 'Willy The Orca Whale'. Apparently his real name is 'Keiko' and he lives in Iceland in a huge sea pen where his nice friends are trying to train him to hunt fish by himself so he can be released again.

I'm a big fan of Jesse too, I got mum to by me a green shirt just like his and now I want let her wash it.... my favourite bit in the last film is when Jesse is driving his car and smiling at the girls!

Mum is currently working on the first two movies, Free Willy's 1 and 2 but the third is complete. We'd love to hear your comments and what you think of this website so feel free to sign my very special 'Free Willy Guestbook' or you can email me or my mum at email freewilly@julia1.dircon.co.uk and mum will answer for me.

By the way, this website has nothing to do with any of the Free Willy Movies or its production company, my mum and me acknowledge all copyright belonging to the film.

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