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This site first opened on October 28, 1998.
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Zeigler for School Board   :  A classic example of how the Libertarian Party runs it's candidates with their Libertarian Party connections cloaked from public view.  Is the Democratic, Republican or Independent candidate running for office in your area really a candidate of the Libertarian Party?
After reading this you won't be so sure who you are really voting for.

Libertarians for Sauerbrey   :  Are Libertarian Party moles burrowing into the camapgains and daily operations of your politcal party ?  An example of a succesful Libertarain Party effort to get inside the Republican Party 1998 Governor of Maryland campain.

Libertarian Party rejected by Big Business  :  Read about the Bronze age economics they intend to impose.

Libertopia Freedom, SLAVERY!  :  Their ultimate freedom, your "right" to be a slave.  Even at the gun point of the government.

The Child's Paradise, Libertopia!   :  What can the day to day life of a child be like if the Libertarian Party gets into control?  Come and see, just have a strong stomach.

Critiques of Libertarianism  :  Mike Huben's excellent collection of material countering the Libertarians.    This is a large collection of material so for starters try reading -
A Libertarian Faq

Why Libertarianism is Wrong

The Libertarian Party platform   :   The stright story without the half truths of their propoganda.


Libertarian Hogs at the Tax Trough!  :  While shouting Taxation Is Theft these Libertarian hogs gobble down your tax dollars.

Libertopia   : Where being poor makes you a criminal.

Libertarian False Flag candidates: Libertarian candidates that have their Libertarian Party membership hidden.  (Until this section is compelte see the Zeigler for School Board article above.)

Front Organizations  :  Organizations that appear, or claim, to be independent grass roots organizations that are actually founded and officered by the Libertarian Party.