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Hello? Is anybody out there?
Hello? Is anybody out there? Wow, it's been a long time. Silver Star was my very first character. She participated in my very first fandom. How many friends did I leave behind when I left the Sonic universe? It's been-- 6 years now? No, it's had to have been atleast 8, maybe 9 years, the last time I bothered to update was 6 years ago. I'm almost 24! I remember back when I was younger, how one of my favourite artists used to be close to my age. Same with some of my favourite authors! Oh how the time flys. I remember 3-D graphics by the green hedgehog (his name started with a P, I think), and the blue fox Sebrina, or something. My Gosh. If you're still interested in taking a peek at what I'm into now, or what I'm doing -- drop on over. My new e-mail is there too, if anyone is interested in contacting me, just tell me you once knew me as Silver Star, or what not XD

P.S. Excuse the horrid drawing above. I haven't drawn Sonic & the gang, little less Silver Star for... well a very long time O_O;

For those of you with morbid curiousity of what kind of webpages I made back when I was younger, feel free to click on the following links. Beware the evil Tripod pop-ups that will eat your soul.

[ You know you've... etc. | A really bad, expired webring. | Hard-core fans explain what it's like to be roboticized. | Old rings I was in, only one is still up. | Part of my site narration. | More site narration. ]

And TEH Silver Star Story dealie.

[ The Beginning | Silver Star: Her Story (Part I) | Silver Star: Her Story (Part II) | Silver Star: Her Story (Part III) | Silver Star: Her Story (Part IV) ]

And some images I found interesting.

[ Tails Surfing. | Sonic lifting his sunglasses. | Eggman's credits. | Patamon as a bobbing GIF. | Patamon holding a letter. | Scary Patamon GIF. ]

And some art people once did of Silver Star.

[ I lost a finger. | Looking like a thug. | Look ma! I'm 3-D! ]