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Think Different, Think Macintosh

"Microsoft. 'Micro' and 'Soft', needs Viagra."
-Newsweek Magazine

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About This Site

    This site, as you can probably tell, is al for the rise of Apple and the overthrow of the evil dictator known as Bill Gates. How he came to power? No one knows. My theory is that in the eighties, no one was buying Microsoft products. So Bill Gates needed a plan. He was Thinking "Hmmmm....How can I get peple to buy my absurdly difficult Operating system? I know! I'll brainwash them. HA HA HA HA HA." The way I figure it, the only way Bill Gates could've risen to power was to brainwash people into thinking his operating system was far superior to the user-friendly Macintosh OS. I belive he accomplished this by implanting a series of rapid blinks of light ( alot like those Japaneese kids that had seizures when they watched cartoons, only more subtle) whenever Windows started up. Thus immeadeatly rendering the user dependant on windows for their needs. It's a lot like Heroine if you kind of tilt your head sideways.

    Our Mission Bouty Hunt Bill Gates Lovin' Micrsoft Worshippin' Windows Obsessed freaks! I will to the best of my ability, seek out these mornons using my new Lime Green iMac, and email them to tell them that they are wrong. Smtimes this is met with hostility, but what do you expect from a bunch of Neanderthals.


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    People Have come to their senses and choosen Apple
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