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Hey,   this   is   about   ME!!!!

Hey, this is MY first home page and I'm having lots of fun... This page is going to be about me and the cool stuff me and my friends like to do, which is everything. And it's also going to have some cool links to stuff I like on the world wide web.

Kirsten's list of links that are actually worth going to, well I only put them in cause I know them.

My sister and her friend's home page: This is mostly about sailor moon, I'm not really into that.
Kirsten's thoughts: just how I feel 'bout stuff
The world as we know it.: work in progress
Yet another page of mine: yeah so this one's a little boring but I had to go do my homework
Elly's web site: This is my locker partner's home page
Alicia's home page: That's my other sister
Tales out of Guelph: an on-going history of us
The page of things that suck: bitterness at it's best.
Never Forget: some philosophy from a friend
The Darkroom:

Other stuff I like

The Tragically Hip home page: THE link to the best band in the whole world.
Camp Akomak and Chikopi: This is where I spend the last two weeks of every summer
America's most wanted: I just think this is cool
The kissing home page: This is a pretty cool joke to send some one.
411 search page: they listed my page, must be cool

E-mail me if you have anything to say about
anything or you have an opinion about anything on
my pages.