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Say goodbye to a glitter girl...
Say goodbye to the old world...

Well, this page has gone to the end of its string. For a while, I figured I'd just update the memory page, but that theory's gone. I guess too much has changed in my life - the way I feel, my beliefs, everything (including hair color!) - and I just can't keep this page up. Too many conflicting thoughts. I started another page, one which represents ME better, I think. I'll link to it at the end of this. It's funny, as I was deleting all those pages, I was thinking about how much time I put into this, and the awards (which, to this day, still surprise me), and the people who told me they loved this page. See, the thing is, if I continued this page, it wouldn't be me. I'm not this happy little person - I'd be putting on a mask, hiding behind a tree of beliefs that I don't feel anymore. Does that make sense? If you're still interested in seeing my pages, here's the link:

Pandora's Aquarium

I'll warn you now, this page is about 360 degrees different from this one...well, what was this one. =) It deals with more...serious, I guess you could say, issues; more triggering, more shaky issues. Don't be put off by my description - I'm singing now, so my words are coming in 2nd place. Please visit, and sign the guestbook, too. =)

"She needs to sleep like the ocean..."

Thanks for enjoying this page while it lasted. I do hope you'll visit my new one. =)