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Nicholas Brendon

In the September issue of Teen!!

Age: 26, Aries
Hometown: Los Angeles
Status: Single

Where You've Seen Him: On Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Nicholas plays Xander Harris, best guy bud to everyone's favorite destroyer of the undead. "He's the comic relief guy on the show. He's got a crush on Buffy and doesn't hide it. And Buffy, she burned down the gymnasuim at her old school. A girl like that, what can I say?"
Is He Like Xander? "He's more confident than I was in high school. I was really shy, and I didn't date at all. Now, though, I understand Xander. He's knida goofy and a wise guy -- and so am I."
How He Got His Start: Nicholas did some acting in his teens, including a Clearasil commercial, but always intended to study medicine. Then he snagged a guest spot on Dave's World while working as a production assistant on that show -- "They fired me as a P.A., but really like my acting!" -- and realized he was a thespian through and through.
Tinsel-Town Twins:
"I have an identical twin brother, Kelly. So when I get recognized, he does, too. I talked to him a couple days ago and he said, 'Nick, we got recognized again.' To me, signing autographs is new, and I like it."
Downtime: Simple pleasures suit nice-guy Nick: "I like to sit on my balcony in my rocking chair and look at the Hollywood Hills."
First Kiss: "It was in eighth grade. It sucked
because we had friends spying on us. I was e
mbarrassed when we got caught, so I had to break up with her."
Does He Think He's a Babe? "I don't see myself as being hot or cute. It's weird to hear it -- I get a bit shy."
Up Next: Buffy is Nick's prime project right now. "I love doing Buffy, it's like a movie every week." We'll be
watching! --
Evy Sheinkopf