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First Season

6. Angel
After Angel helps Buffy defeat three vampires, she takes him home to tend to a wound. That night Buffy shares a passionate kiss with Angel, only to discover a dark secret from his past.
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7. I, Robot--You, Jane
Willow scans a spellbook onto the library's computer, releasing an age-old demon onto the Internet. Soon, the monster is taking teens for death rides on the information superhighway.
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8. The Puppet Show
When Buffy, Xander and Willow get roped into performing in the school talent show, they find themselves sharing the bill with a possessed puppet and an organ-harvesting demon.
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Spiders, scary clowns and coming to school naked are but a few of the waking nightmares haunting Buffy and her friends after something--or someone--starts turning their worst dreams into reality.
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10. Invisible Girl (aka Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind)
On the eve of the spring dance, a violent entity begins tormenting Cordelia. With nowhere to go, she enlists the help of Buffy and her crew, who in turn get some aid from a nice young vampire named Angel
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11. Prophecy Girl
After Angel gives Giles an ancient book of prophecy, they discover a prophecy foretelling that the Slayer will face The Master -- and how she will die during the battle!  Full Summary

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