Alex Krycek

The Ratboy we all love, or (sic) love to hate..

And in my case, it's love. Krycek rules! IMHO, he's the best - definitely most interesting, character on The X-Files. I do, of course, know that there are a lot of way better Krycek and X-Files pages out there on the web, but this is my first effort. So be kind. Please..! Oh and for your info, I make updates all week, then in the weekend put the links to them on the main page. Updated emailings come out after the weekend part.

Last update: 22/10, new: Let Go - please read. It's important to me. ;)

FLAK - Fleur Loves Alex Krycek

Things I've got on this site

About - learn a little more about Krycek, or what I think about him..
Episodes - my reviews of the Krycek episodes I've seen
Things - that will and will not happen next season, in my opinion
Media - mentions of Krycek in magazines etc. that I have
Romance - about the UST between Mulder and Krycek, 'shippers beware!
Nick Lea - who is he when he's not A.K.?
Fan Fiction - at the moment, all by me, but do send in some of your own! MOSTLY slash, I warn..
Other - characters on The X-Files and their relations to Krycek
Analysing Alex Krycek - What's in a name?
Krycek's Prosthetic Arm - basically a one page tirade!
The Dark Side of The X-Files Webring - my very own webring! Plz join..
Alex Krycek in pictures - I have a lot more on the site, but I just couldn't be bothered summarising them!
Roleplay - my characters in the JSC roleplay.
Message Board - post a message about Nick, X-F, Krycek, or anything related..
Quotes - from my everyday life.
Awards - that this site has received.
Webrings - that this site belongs to. Also my Klone..
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Links - some cool sites I've found about Ratboy

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