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Living City (California)
LC pages of PCs played by Californians.
RPGA LC Proficiency/Fame
A handy form to give your DM during play.

Ilya Rakhlin, New Head of LA GameDay

Chimera Magazine

Ye Ol' LA GameDay Music Shoppe!
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A Los Angeles RPGA Club

Los Angeles Game Day is a twice a month gathering of role players in the Los Angeles area. We usually play RPGA (Role Playing Game Association) sanctioned games. Games are set usually in the Living Jungle and Living Death campaign settings. We are also bringing scenarios with pre-generated characters for AD&D, Call of Cthulhu, Earthdawn, and others.

Most games are Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, Second Edition.

The club is now run by Ilya Rakhlin ( All questions that are not answered here should be addressed to him. Email him to join the email list, which tells you of upcoming events.

Game Day Los Angeles meets on Saturdays, twice a month, in front of Games of Westwood near the corner of Westwood and LeConte, across the street from Burger King.
The address is 911 Westwood Boulevard, on the south side of UCLA.

We meet at 11:45am and head out for the games at noon. If you are planning to come to a game, be sure you email Ilya at so that we will have enough space and judges for you.

For specific dates, please contact Ilya Rakhlin.

Game Day Links

Ilya's New GameDay Los Angeles
most current listing of Living City campaign games run in West Los Angeles, California, USA
GameDay Ventura
Living City campaign games run in neighboring Ventura County
RPGA - Role Playing Game Association
The RPGA is the largest role playing gaming club in the world. Most games at Los Angeles GameDay are RPGA sanctioned tournaments. Made with Macintosh.
The Unofficial RPGA Home Page
Tim Breen maintains this domain. Site created on a Macintosh!
A semi-official RPGA Home Page
Semi-sanctioned by the RPGA, Troy Daniels maintains this domain.
TSR - Makers of Dungeons and Dragons
You already know them. By the way, their site, too, is made with a Macintosh.
Fat Messiah Games
FMG is a maker of fine adventure games. They are also a local game company. Created on a Macintosh.
Chimera Magazine
A locally produced games magazine. Check out the interview with the head of the RPGA, Robert Wiese. Site made on a Macintosh.
RPGA LC proficiency/fame form
A handy form to hand your LC DM during play. Keep it from adventure to adventure. Permission is granted to reproduce this form.

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