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The Temple of Mystra
Love magic for itself, not just as a ready weapon to reshape the Realms to your will


Well met friend, Please allow me to introduce myself;

I am Garrik Remier, a Dweomerkeeper of Mystra and a newly accepted Squire to the Pillars of the Realms.

For those who do not know me, allow me to give you a brief description of myself.

I stand about 6' tall with a thin build and tan, weathered, but I've been told, somewhat handsome features. I have curly brown hair that I keep at a medium length, and green eyes. Perhaps the most noticeable feature about myself is the living tattoo engraved upon my right fingers and palm. It is of course the symbol of Mystra.

As for how I am dressed and what I carry, I am most often encountered wearing my dark green and black jungle camoflage chainmail, my black cloak of plenty, and carrying my new morningstar, and large shiny shield emblazoned with the symbol of my faith. Of course the usual adventuring accoutrements are also present.

If you are looking for me or have need of my services, the best places to look are in the temple district where I am very well known; the Sleepy Dwarf Tavern, trying out a new recipe and spending time with some of my friends; or at the orphanage sponsored by Cyradis, teaching the children and giving what aid I can.

Some Numbers

Here is some basic game information on Garrik:

He is an 11th level Human Specialty Priest of Mystra (the highest ranking Mystran Priest by a California player). He has a Charisma of 14. He is around 33 years old. Well established in the Temple District (Fame 20). Member of the Clerical Circle. Squire to the Pillars of the Realms.

Seekers of Mysteries sougth this site times.