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Simon F. Giovanni
Lives in the Roads in The Vast and other places

Physical Appearance

Update of June 2001

After being missing for over a year, Simon Giovanni returned to Ravens Bluff. He looked much older than he should be. He now sports a patch of grey hair over his temples. Promptly after returning, he was promoted to Faculty of the Bards Guild. He also cleared his name and that of the Road Wardens. Traitors to the city had sought to besmirch their good name. In addition, it is now known that the Simon that was seen over the last year was actually a very good impostor. The impostor is now gone. Why he came is still unknown.

Update of September 2000

The leader of the Gallant Order of the Red Rose was spotted at the recent Gen Con Faire. He attended a wedding with a dragonling, and was on hand to recruit new members to the Ravens Bluff Bards Guild. He was spotted later at an exclusive inn with the beautiful Isabelle de Bretagne, dancing the night away.

Update of July 2000

Simon is missing in a layer of the Abyss. Information gained by Signorina Amy Espada Preta and the Bards Guild Detective (Nick Danger) indicates that two fleeing survivors, both Lawful priests, were the only people to return. It is unknown if Simon is dead but it seems unlikely. The Signorina spoke with a powerful group of adventurers about rescuing Simon and party, but after agreeing, said group has disappeared and refused to return communication. Amy is looking for another group or a large amount of money to purchase a Wish from the Wizards Guild.


Not too long ago, Simon Giovanni went on a secret mission. No other details are known now. His squire, Amy Espada Preta, has been seen around the city asking about his whereabouts. The following is information that is known about him.

Simon is a very attractive man of thirty two. He dresses in a fine creamy white tunic, red velvet doublet with gold trimmings, red pants embroidered with white and gold, and wears either a subtly patterned white cloak or a simple dark blue half-moon cloak. He prefers soft, cream colored boots with a golden embroidery on the side.

Generally he is seen with a wide brimmed red velvet hat decorated with an extra large ostrich feathers. He wears a rapier on his right side and a dagger on the left. Both appear to be of fine quality. On his wrists can be seen ivory bracelets. All of the items worn or carried appear to be of the finest quality and condition.

Simon's hair is very dark brown, and his eyes are blue/brown. His hair is worn short and looks straight, with a hint of curl. Currently he sports a moustache and goatee.

Two years ago

He has been seen in Ravens Bluff, looking about for other Gallants. If you are one, and would like to speak to him, please send him a message. Of late, he has been present in the Ravens Bluff Jousting Circuit. Simon competed at the Winter Weekend Faire, beating out a Paladin before being dismounted. A month later, he fought and beat yet another Paladin at the Geo Con Faire, and made it almost all the way to the top before being defeated by a worthy Paladin. Simon Giovanni bears the honorific title of Guildmaster of Heralds in Ravens Bluff Bards Guild. As such, he often recruits other Bards to the Guild. Here is an image of him at the Winter Weekend Faire, where he ran the booth near the docks.

Some background information

Simon is Bard, a follower of the chivalrous Code of the Gallant. He is extremely charismatic and women react very favorably to him, as do druids. He is a member of the Road Wardens, a group that helps travellers outside the city of Ravens Bluff. The Diamond Legion of Procampur has sought him in the past on trumped-up charges from the corrupt City Watch of Ravens Bluff.


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