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William Bain

Born April 13th., 1897
Parents, John and Isabella (Irvine) Bain, Flatlands, N.B.
The army pappers that I found on the net were signed in Sussex, N.B.,
August 29th., 1915. They give the following description:

Height 5` 91/2"
"Girth when fully expanded 34" range of expansion 2"
Complexion medium eyes blue
Hair brow
"Apparent" age 18years, 5 months

Member of the Canadian infantry (Eastern Ontario Regiment) 21st. Bn
Died May 8, 1917 (Vimy ridge?)
Point-Du-Jour Military Cemetery, Athies, France
My grandmother told me he was gassed.

Here is a postcard sent by William (Billy) Bain about 3 weeks before he died

Here a postcard giving his parents the bad news