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Lou Alfano's Tripod Web Site
Società di Mutuo Soccorso del Comune di Internet
(The Mutual Aid Society of the Community of the Internet)

This is the flag of the Kingdom of Italy.
I show it here because my ancestors emigrated from the Kingdom
NOT from the current Republic.

Last Updated October 23, 2001

Copyright © 1997 - 2001 by Louis S. Alfano
All rights reserved.

This web site is dedicated to Italian Genealogy, History and Culture. It contains links to home pages of other researchers which can help you in your quest for information about these subjects. Since I own this site, it begins with links to my other sites:

Lou Alfano's Geocities Website - Italian Genealogy, History & Culture.

The Immigrant Ships Web Site - Descriptions of Ships that Carried Immigrants.

or, if you can't access it, try the

Immigrant Ships Mirror Site - The Same Info on Another Server.

Lou Alfano's Italian Heraldry & Anthems Site - Hear Italy's National Anthems (Past & Present) and See Some of the Historic Heraldry of Early Italy,

or, if this is not accessible, try:

the Heraldry and Anthems Mirror Site - A Copy on Another Server.

The Angri Page / La Pagina Angrese dedicated to the Comune of Angri, Province of Salerno, home of my paternal grandfather.


  • POINT Homepage
  • PIE Homepage
  • PIE Mailing List
  • Italian Genealogical Group
  • Italian Genealogical Society of America
  • Il Circolo Filippo Mazzei - Washington D.C.Italian Genealogy Society

    All relate to Italian matters, and are listed in alphabetical order by owner.

    Arduini and Pizzo - An Italian Genealogy by Frank Arduini - One Of The BEST.

    Casa Baci Andrea Baciagalupo's site - genealogy, art, and more.

    Tom Briggs' Homepage - Featuring a summary of The Kindness of Strangers: The Abandonment of Children in Western Europe from Late Antiquity to the Renaissance by John Boswell.

    A Little To Do About Everything, from Ron Brucato.

    Gaetano OnLine, from Tom Buccigross.

    Spence "Sacco" Burton's Web Site.

    Jock's Page and Cappy's Cabin from George Capuano in Australia.

    The Italo-Albanian (Arbėresh) Heritage Site from John Cusimano.

    Clan Cyberesh John Cusimano's Italo-Albanian (Arbėresh) Mailing List Page.

    Italian Genealogy - Start Here, from Illya D'Addezio.

    Angone, Molise, Italia, by Carlos Alberto Diana, of Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 3 languages - Spanish, English and Italian.

    Gita's Sciacca, Sicily Registry by Margaret Dyer.

    Chris Formaggia's Homepage many interesting and eclectic links.

    The Fischetti and Sorvillo Families by Rich Fischetti.

    The Gionfriddo Family Website and The Gionfriddo Homepage from Jim Gionfriddo.

    Angelo Grifasi's Web Site - bilingual, much about Sicily (though Angelo lives in Milano).

    Tony & Georgia Grisola's Homepage with info about the Comune of Grisola.

    The Abbruscato Family Page by Sal Gucciardo.

    The GIUFFRE/GUIFFRE Family, by Donna Guiffre.

    The Saverio and Maria Sansone Family Tree Home Page, from Laura Johnson.

    Things Italian from Scott Jura: Scott's Maschito, Potenza Page and Scott's Family Page.

    Our Calabrian Heritage by George Lilli.

    Rosi's Genealogy Page, from Rosi Mast.

    Ancestors, by Marie Mattera.

    The Arbėrisht Home Page, by Lou Pizzuti - the language of the Italo-Albanians.

    The Ponsi Family Home Page, by Lou Ponsi.

    The Reda Family Page from Bob Reda.

    The Trentino Page from Sal Romano.

    Ruperto/DePasquale Italian Heritage from Maryann Ruperto - with RECIPES!

    Ted Saselli's Italian Genealogy Page - helpful hints from a long-time researcher - "Bada Boom! Bada Bing!"

    The Carone & Incitti Families of Italy by Cyndy Tabor.

    Aldo Valerio's Genealogy Homepage - Aldo was born in Glasgow, Scotland, has lived in Canada, and now lives in Geneva, Switzerland.

    Angie's Homepage by Angela Grassi Wilderman.

    The Zalenski Family Tree Site by Annita Zalenski.

    Mauro Zanderigo's Family Web. Mauro's from New Zealand.

    Welcome to Calascio, from Paul Zelus.

    To get in touch with me send e-mail to Lou Alfano.
    Be sure to include your full name, as I will NOT reply to unsigned e-mails.
    Please do not write from AOL of Compuserve addresses, because these ISPs BLOCK e-mail from ".it" domains.