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The N.N.N.M.F.

No Name Nurses Medical Facility

The NNN Regiment's Official fan fic. Come on in We're Open for Business!


You are now about to enter our newly renovated No-Name Nurses Medical Facility. Open to all Lucky & Liz fans who are overcome by all the excitement and joyous elation over all of the TK's this duo has shared.

Head Nurse Kreyn is now ready to cut the Ribbon...wait ...we have a late arrival!!! Who could it be?? (Everyone in attendance strains to see 2 individuals emerge from a helicopter) It's Lucky & Liz!! They have flown in from Port Charles to do the honors of Christening the New facility.

An excited buzz starts among the crowd.. pushing and shoving commences as someone pushes her way to stand in front of the crowd... oh...nooooo's Mindi!! She spies Lucky and makes a run for it.... at the last possible moment..Lucky sees this wild.. crazy-eyed woman coming his way and he heads back to the helicopter. Just as Lucky is inches away from the copter... Mindi lunges for and grabs Lucky's legs... tackling him and bringing him down with a THUMP! The crowd *gasps* as Mindi is seen carrying Lucky off to her secret hide-away. Never to be seen again!!

A nervous Kreyn clears her throat, laughs nervously and announces to the anxious crowd that Liz Webber is here and will gladly do the honors of cutting the ribbon. Liz *shaken by the previous events* expertly cuts the ribbon to open the facility, she poses for photos and heads back to the Helicopter. She pauses once more to take an individual photo with Iceman and gets into the helicopter and goes off to help find Lucky.

Everyone now turns their attention back to the opening and as they enter the doorways they are greated by all of the members of the NNN Regiment. Nurse Dvida, Nurse Shyla471 and Nurse Hilaro are holding the doors open for everyone to enter.

A woman walks to the front of the crowd and announces: Hello, My name is Nurse Galor and I will be taking you on a tour of the No-Name Nurses Medical Facility. First of all, Everyone who enters will receive a *blue* blanket for you to rest on tonight while you are staying with us, remember to have *Lucky* Dreams of Gold!

As we enter the Lobby, please pick up a flyer and map from Nurse MizVamp, Nurse jjsjoy or Nurse Irish. In case you get lost, you'll have the map to look at. Or find one of the Nurses who will gladly help you find out where you need to be.

If anyone begins to feel faint, Please follow me.....right this way.... Nurse Dsara, Nurse Gator and Nurse Toukie will be happy to find you a nice quiet cool place to lay down in our private screening room to watch L&L tapes. Nurse Jess, Nurse vogtc and Nurse LCiam will be running the VCR's Please Don't Touch Anything!!!

If you're feeling a little hungry for a favorite L&L snack...come this way to the cafeteria. Nurse ZEBRAfan, Nurse CurlyQgrl, Nurse Sunshine and Nurse JJ7997 have set up a wonderful refreshment table filled with lots of Ribs, Cheese Fries, Popcorn, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Brownies and Hot Cocoa, etc. Let me tell you, these are really Excellent cooks so don't hesitate to ask for more.

As we head down this will see various Nurses Assistants and Medical Personnel. They are here to help you if you need it. Everyone say hello to Nurse randjluvr, Nurse Jenn15525 and Nurse Wolfie. They are pulling a double shift today. Great Job Ladies!!

There are also some members of the TK Trauma Unit who have graciously volunteered to help during the peak times.(Big Thanks to Rockybeach and Lucky524 for volunteering first!!)

Our main goal here at the No-Name Nurses Medical Facility is to help or assist fellow L&L fans in dealing with their emotions when L&L are on screen or during those dreaded times when they're not! We encourage lots of laughter ... it's helps relieve stress and makes Everyone Happier!!

We offer courses on how to:

* set your recorder to tape L&L everyday

* get the most out of your L&L watching

* memorize each and every word that L&L speak

* explain to your family & friends your obsession with L&L

* And many many more courses too numerous to mention!!

We here at the NNN Medical Facility know that L&L fans everywhere, will need a place to go when Lucky and Liz are not on. A safe place where they can be with others who are feeling the same way. We offer you a choice of a private room to be on your own or a bunk in a large room - filled with other obsessed fans so that you can quiz each other on Who IS The BIGGEST L&L Fan!

This concludes our tour of the facility...

The NNN Regiment would like to thank you very much for your visit here today, We certainly hope you decide to come and join us soon! Please see Nurse Carolineann and Nurse CPappan in the Lobby to sign up for your Next Visit.

Here at the N.N.N.M.F. .... L&L Fans Are The Best ... The Best There Is!!

NNNMF Patient, Vistor and Nurse Sign-In Register

Name: ElegantLadyBlue

Regiment: Liberty

*after signing in at the front desk, Captain Blue takes a look around*

I'm impressed everyone! Now, I believe that the purple tile will take some getting used to, but the rest of the place looks great. I especially love the murals that you had painted in the lobby. You have covered just about everything. There's the boxcar, the rose from the No Name, the dance in Tom's studio, TK1, TK2, and look you even left some room for future TK's! I think I may just check myself in for some R&R. I mean with the awesome cafeteria staff, what's not to love about a stay in this hospital? I will take a room where I can sit up late at night and chat with my bunkmates about L&L. Of course, I think we should get the whole clinic involved with a weekly L&L Jeopardy game! We could even ask JJ and RH if maybe they could trade off being "Alex Trebec" for us. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a wonderful clinic for those of us who need a break from the world. That cruel world that just doesn't understand our addiction.

*starts to get tears in her eyes*

You're the best, the best there is!

Patient Elegant Lady Blue

Room A

Name: jnlemom

Regiment: Liberty

This is jnlemom "weak knees" of the Liberty Regiment checking in. Because of my "weak knees", caused by those gorgeous blue eyes of Lucky, I need one our wonderful nurses to get me a wheelchair and maybe have Lila provide me with a few lessons. (If I get good enough wheeling around maybe the Brigade can send me on a mission to run over various GH characters- Kat, Robin, Tony...)

I must say that I just love this new facility (glad to see those GH budget cutbacks didn't affect our beautiful facility- just like it apparently hasn't affected the NEW PC Grill or Stefan's study). The decor is just fabulous and I can't wait to taste the food. If Mindi ever returns Lucky maybe we could get him to help feed those of us who are incapacitated. If we're taking numbers, I'll grab #1 right now!

In conclusion, I must just thank galor and all the rest of the NNN regiment for their hard work. I know it must be a lot of work keeping oxygen, barf bags, Valium, and the various other supplies we all need in stock. You all do a wonderful job and make the rest of us Brigaders proud!!!!

As a member of the Liberty Regiment, I would like to extend our offer to help deliver any of these necessary supplies if you're ever in need of replenishing them. We can work fast and efficiently to discover those hard to find supplies- like stale marshmallows. Just let us know if we can be of any assistance!

So happy to be here instead of Ferncliff!!!!!

jnlemom "weak knees"/ keeper of the twinkle in Lucky's eyes/ Dork Chambermaid

Name: dentonj

Regiment: NNN

*dusting off the shelves of tapes*

Oh, hello! Our first tour group of the day! Well, as you can see, this is our L&L Video library. Everything is state of the art, of course, thanks to the work of galor and the other Registered NNNs who worked to get funding for this facility. We are very proud of our large projection screen (the better to see more TKs), and the surround sound system (the better to hear Lucky sing to Elizabeth).

As galor told you, I am Lt. dentonj, but you can call me Jess (only JJ calls me "Hot Lips"), and I am in charge of (wo)manning the video collection and all screenings. While we do have every L&L episode on video cassette, we are currently working on digitizing everything and putting it on digital video tape and burning it to DVDs. Always on the cutting edge here at the NNNMF.

While my job may seem like fun, I tell you, it can often be very emotionally draining. It is upsetting some of the cases we get in here. Lt. Kris was brought in not too long ago, suffering from withdrawal. She had heard about TK3, but she wasn't able to watch it until around midnight last night. When she came to us she was in a terrible state. Her face was tear-stained, she had pulled out most of the hair on the left side of her head, and she was mumbling incoherently. *shaking head sadly* So sad to see. Fortunately, she only had to be restrained for the first viewing of TK3. After that she was able to enjoy the moment over and over again without restraints or medication. *smiling* She is in recovery right now, and the doctors say she is going to be just fine. That is the good side to what I do. It always feels nice to help people and make them happy. Would you like to see the control room? *motioning with hand* Come with me.

This is where it all happens. *smiling proudly* I decorated the room myself, considering I was going to be in it so much. It took many weeks of searching for all of these L&L pictures, but one trip to Kinko's and I had a magnificent L&L wallpaper! The rug was harder to obtain, though. I had to find a very old woman in Chinatown who could weave an exact duplicate of the picture I gave her. Isn't it lovely? *holding out hand to stop gator* Please, don't touch anything. Thank you.

Anyway, as I was saying, this is where I control everything that is shown. The panels may look complicated, but they aren't really. Just about anyone could do this, but because I am a film student, galor understood my interest in this aspect of the facility. Each tape is time coded, and the time codes are put into a database in the computer so we can quickly retrieve any moment from any scene on any tape. In fact, with one of our new programs, we can create elaborate montages and compilation tapes very easily. Our CD library is right through that door. No, not that one. The one with the Calvin Klein poster of JJ on it. All of our songs for the montages come from that collection. You will get to see some of these creations tonight during your stay, and we may even let you participate in putting some together!

*clasping hands together* Well, I suppose that is all for now. I look forward to having you all in here tonight for our special screening. Do enjoy the rest of your tour, and remember to bring your blue blankets and refreshments with you tonight.

*opening door to usher out the tour group*

We will be sure to let you know if there is any word on Mindi or JJ.

*waving* See you tonight!!

Name: cmt21

Regiment: Naval Support Group

Naval Support Group Commander cmt21 here...aka "keeper of Lucky's adomen scar."

We in the NSG will gladly travel the world by sea (on our Brigade aircraft carrier) or by air (in our super speedy TomCat -or should I say Luckycat?- fighter jets to replenish any supplies that the Nurses Brigade deems necessary. I'm sorry I can't be at the NNN new facility grand opening, but I am presently traversing the skies looking for signs in the stars of future L&L events!

jnlemom, take care of those "weak knees" and don't get too dependent on any wheelchairs as they could be rather dangerous on a flight deck. *smile* Still....better bring a few back since many of our naval crew are swooning BIG TIME after the TK's!!

Back to the skies! *Over and out* CMDR cmt21 |_ _|

*air update!*

*Speaking into a Crackling CB radio* This is CMDR "Maverick" cmt21 checking in once again.

I decided to do a flyby over the NNN facility and surrounding areas using my brand new infrared scanning device. I'm picking up some very intense heat readings. Can't identify the heat sources exactly, but they are definitely human. I'll have to take a closer look! *evil eye* Mindi...if that is you, be prepared!! I have quite powerful ammunition on this jet and if I deem that Lucky is in the slightest peril (well intentioned or not), I will have to act aggressively! It would be in your best interest to check in and assure everyone that Lucky is fine. :)

Also...know that should Lucky have any new scratchs on him that I, Maverick, will be the keeper of them as well!

*over and out* CMDR cmt21 "Keeper of Lucky's ab scar!"

Name: cv414

Regiment: TK Trauma Unit

Pvt. jv414 of the TK Trauma Unit here. Sorry I missed the Grand Opening! *walking in lugging a huge box* I was out getting extra oxygen for all of those who have trouble breathing during repeats of all TKs. I'd be happy to help in the NNNMF any way I can. If you need any more volunteers, let me know!

Pvt. jv414, TK Trauma Unit, keeper of L&L's dance together

Name: rockybeach

Regiment: TK Trauma Unit

**standing here in shock**

Finally....home sweet home!! Rockybeach runs and greets all of the wonderful staff in here. It's beautiful...the purple tiles...our video collection..the food. But I have a big announcement to make!!!

**drumrolls start** We will be adding a new floor!! The TK Trauma Unit Regiment will be in charge. Due to the number of outpouring cases due to all of the TK's has been a little slow..but I will be sure to have it up in a day or two!!!!

Oh no!! Another victim brought in!! Gotta go help!!!!

Sgt. Rockybeach TK Trauma Unit Regiment Keeper of the "Iris" and future montages

Name: dentonj

Regiment: NNN

*hauling armloads of tapes into the control room* *huff* *puff*

Alright Everyone. Here is our latest shipment of tapes of this week's shows. We have already worn out over 100 copies of each day's show! This has definitely been the most demanding week we have ever experienced at the NNNMF!

Luckily for me, I work in the video area, so I have been able to watch the shows so many times I can't even remember. If I hadn't been able to do that, I would be one of the many patients who were admitted to our facility on Wednesday. I am prepared for the onslaught of patients we expect after Monday's "intimate moment" episode, but please remember to do what you can to prevent any ILYMV I Love Your Mouth Virus).

Watch L&L as much as possible, be sure to double check your VCR for Monday, tape on more than one VCR if you can, tape onto a brand new tape, and seek comfort from your fellow obsessees in chat rooms during the show.

I will be available to hold hands with everyone Monday during the show (hear, that, girls). After all, we are

Oh, hear comes our next therapy group. It's going to be another long night of L&L marathons. *smiling slyly* Too bad.

Lt. dentonj / Hot Lips Hoolihan / Keeper of L&L's Loyalty and Lucky's Dimple NNN Regiment L&L Brigade |_ _|

Name: CA2B

Regiment: Boxcar

*setting down suitcase with a huge smile*

YIPPEE!! I am finally home!! *looking around with astonishment* Pinch me you guys, am I in heaven or what? I've decided that the best course of action is to check myself in before the intimate moment so that all of the wonderful facilities provided by NNN are close by.

I'm off to the tv room - I know one of Jess' tapes would cheer me right up and I'm having a craving for some brownies. This place is soooo cool!!! *skipping down the hall & waving to fellow patients*

CA2B |__| Boxcar Regiment / Maple Brownie / Keeper of the flower Lucky gave Liz at the docks

Name: Zebrafan

Regiment: NNN

*passing out the brownies*

Wow, I know you all are so happy to be here, but please refrain from yelling and jumping up and down.

I have just installed the "Elizabeth" radio station and the volume is up all the way, but I can't hear. I'm waiting.... Oh, thank you there it goes. Now you can all sit back and watch L&L while you listen to "Elizabeth" non stop.

By the way I am hosting dance lessons in our new spacious patio, where you can all learn to waltz. Complementry ball gowns will be provided. Please mark your dress size next to your name when you sign in. You will also find overalls and a maroon shirt in your closet with a picture of JJ on it.

Also plese don't forget if you need any help, just ring the bell next to your life size statue of JJ.

As Always.... Please enjoy your stay at the NNNMF.

Nurse Zebrafan

Name: Dvida

Regiment: NNN

Hey Galor - where ya been...I've been trying to reach you all day! Have you heard, have you heard? We have finally located the NNN patient ID bracelets!!!

It seems they were shipped as cargo on that helicopter chartered by Lucky & Liz for the NNN Medical Facility Grand Opening. But with Mindiclaire's merciless snatching of Lucky, and Liz's haste to follow in pursuit, the cargo was never unloaded.

Congratualtions goes to Nurse MizVamp who tirelessly worked to tracked down this valuable merchandise. MV has just confirmed that the bracelets are now on NNN facility grounds.

I guess one good thing came out of Mindi's latest stunt...with everyone so worried about the fate of our precious Lucky, none of the patients admitted since the Grand Opening are ready to leave the NNN facility! So, let's turn this to our advantage and get each patient properly registered as Head Nurse Kreyn intended.

Can you imagine how happy she will feel? As Head Nurse she worked soooo hard to get these bracelets on the hospital budget. You know how expensive they are, being 14K gold and all. But who could fault her argument...the more our patients identify with Lucky's 'true love' Liz, the speedier their recovery. Once Kreyn explained how the links of the bracelet could be encoded with a patient's name, the money was hers!

And what a "luckysend" for us NNN staffers! No longer will we have to try to pry information out from patients when they are least able to supply answers. A simple scan of the charms on their bracelets and their entire medical history is known.

So Galor - here's my idea - since Kreyn is away celebrating her birthday, let's set up a surprise for her return! Let's get these bracelets ready to roll. I already have the support of the other NNN'ers. Here's how our schedule would work...

Nurses CPappan, pvtfanatic and JJsjoy have already begun encoding the patient names on the bracelets. Nurses hilaro, CurlyQgrl and JJ7997 are covering their rounds.

Nurses Wolfie, Toukie and Gator will continue the bracelet encoding on the second shift while dentonj, randjluvr, Irish 90 and I will pull double duty.

Meanwhile, MizVamp, Jenn15525 and LCiam can assist you in scanning each patient's admission records on the charm designated by Kreyn for new patients - the miniature artist's pallete (similiar to the one Lucky gave to Liz.) Nurses Dsara, Sunshine & Zebrafan will attend to your patients.

Upon Kreyn's return, all will be set. She can then proceed in personally presenting each of our 'guests' with their own 14K gold, patient ID, Lucky charm bracelet. Our patients will be thrilled! Kreyn will be too!! Do I have your support?

Nurse dvida

Name: Kreyn592

Regiment: NNN

*Gliding down the muraled halls,making my rounds,softly singing along with the beautiful music wafting through the air "....I wanna watch you breathe..I wanna feel God's peace...All I want is this Elizabeth"*

I glance to my right and see Nurse Zebrafan leading a dance class. I'm amazed at how much our gowns are nearly exact replicas of Elizabeth's. I stick my head through the door and give a quick wave. (She is truly our dancing queen)

Dentonj you can't carry all those tapes by yourself! CPappan can you give Lt. Jess a hand here. I dont know what I'm gonna do with you guys.

I continue walking further... Nurse Hilaro! I'm so glad I caught up with you. I heard about our newest patient, cousin Missy. I think the protocol you've suggested is an excellent one. I'm sure it will be only a matter of time before she sees the light and realizes that ONLY Lucky and Liz are made for each other. Let's get started right away and keep me posted on her progress. I want as many details as possible about the activities you've planned for her. If this protocol is successful, I see no reason why we can't implement your idea into our SOP's (Standard Operating Procedures) for handling similar cases. Keep up the good work Hilaro.

I have to finish my rounds now, if anyone needs me just page me. I'll be around the hospital today.

Oh JJ7997 will you post this memo in the Nurses lounge?? Leave a copy on my desk also. Thank you.

Memo: To All Nurses

I couldn't be more pleased I see you all have been holding the fort down while I was away. Excllent work as always NNN. However, in your efforts as hard working nurses you all may have overeacted a bit to the Mindi & Lucky Kidnapping incident. I made a few calls. Turns out Mindi had escaped from Ferncliff but has since been Apprehended and Lucky returned safely to Port Charles and to his Elizabeth. So please be patient when you see and hear about the rantings and ravings. I inquired about her progress and it seems she was making great strides. I offered the NNNMF as a possible destination for her, I think it may help. I haven't heard anymore from Ferncliff, but I'm sure I'll get a response soon.

*I continue my descent down the first floor hallway.*

How you doin' jnlemom, those weak knees getting any better? Oh the daily swims are helping I see. Well you know you can't get well too soon. JJ is going to be an honorary lifeguard in a few weeks and I've asked that he also do a CPR demonstration first for the Nursing staff then for the patients. Well good to see you jnelmom. If you roll by my office don't forget to stop by and say hello.

*I make my way to the second floor* Galor, Dvida. Yes my birthday was wonderful even though I had to spend it at a conference. How are you guys holding up? Good, good. I don't think we'll get the rush we expected after todays Ep. so things should run smoothly for the rest of the evening.

I see you all have started distributing the bracelets. I can't tell you enough how wonderful it is to have a Nursing staff like you guys. Always there to do the job that needs to be done. This bracelet idea has got me thinking that I'd like everyone to have an index finger ring too just to complete the set. This means getting more funding for the NNNMF but this is important and I'm sure I'll be able to make the board see the light on this one too.

You'll never Guess who my roommate was at the National Nurses Conference...... none other than Audrey Hardy from General. Can you believe my Luck? That Audrey is a riot. She had me in stitches the whole conference. She can really put em away, who knew? But I'm not one to gossip. So you didn't hear from me?? Here let me take some of those bracelets.

*I enter the community room*

Ladies, ladies how are you this evening? Did you enjoy tonights dinner? Good.. glad you liked the pizza and chocolate shakes extra thick. We figured we'd be infomal this evening. Everyone who has not already recieved their bracelet just wave and I'll come around to you....."Hi can I have your name? ................."

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