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"Cajun Jokes"

Mais watch out cher, dat Boudreaux he watch you!

#13 - Clotile's Milk Bath

For Valentines Day Boudreaux wanted to get Clotile, his wife, a real surprise. She had been wanting a milk bath for a long time.

So Boudreaux told his friend Pierre, he say, "Pierre," he say, "I wanna give Clotile a milk bath for Valentine Day." He say, "Why don't you bring you cow over to da house and put me some milk in da battub."

And Pierre say, "Okay, Boudreaux," he say, "Dat milk, you want dat pasteurize?"

Boudreaux thought about it a while, then said, "No, just so it covers her belly, dat's all I want."

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