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Our Mission
To Provide the members of the Laborers Union Of North America with honest, competent, and loyal leadership:
To provide the members with easy access to any and all information to help them exercise their right of self governance.

Membership Profile

Laborers for JUSTICE are members of the Laborers International Union ( LIUNA ) who fully support the internal reform process and seek to eliminate corruption from the union in Connecticut by eliminating from leadership positions any and all that have associated with, aided, abetted, or conspired with Arthur A. Coia to maintain organized crime's influence in LIUNA or those false leaders like Charlie "Kingfish" LeConche who do not represent the best interests of LIUNA members.

Contact Information

Laborers for JUSTICE- 773-728-2326
FAX 630-604-4496
2615 W Peterson Avenue
Chicago, Il 60659
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Jim McGough, Director 773-728-2326 (tel) 630-604-4496 (fax)
2615 West Peterson Av
Chicago, Il 60659