Labor Voice, Fall Issue, 1997

!!! Meltdown !!!

“King” Charles Deteriorates

Part-time Business Manager Charles LeConche, the one-time
handsome & dashing labor dynamo, was, to many
members, reduced to a groping pathetic hulk of his former
self as he addressed the September meeting.
His voice quivering & hands shaking, LeConche, who
earns $159,000/year, was described by some as wallowing
in self pity, as if he knew that his once powerful &
impenetrable empire was crumbling around him.
Before a shocked & saddended audience, LeConche
launched into a vicious tirade against imagined enemies,
vowing to “get them” in his next dues-sponsored
“newsletter”. One unsympathetic onlooker was
overheard to say that:
“Chas has elevated whining & sniveling to an art form.”

In a particularly bizarre moment, as IG Inspector
Richard Cleary took notes, LeConche referred to
a “bell going off” in his head !
Apparently recent investigatons of his role in of the
assaults of two Union Officers have spread
unsubstantiated rumors that LeConche has been seen
roaming the streets of Hartford clad in
bathrobe & slippers & talking to himself.
We can only wish him full recovery.

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" The Three Amigos "

The Fugitive

LeConche attorney Thomas "Tommy Boy" Brockett of
Cheverie & Associates remains at large in the
Manos assault case.
The feisty former air-controller has refused to talk to the
Inspector General's Investigators. Brockett is a key witness
in the July 30th vicious attack on Steve Manos.
Authorities are investigating.

Cheverie Reprimand

LeConche attorney Bob Cheverie was reprimanded by
the Connecticut Bar Grievance Committee for a :
"violation of the rules of professional conduct.."

Cheverie Pal Charged

James Ferraro [Florida law partner of Bob Cheverie]
faces 5 charges that could lead to a $25, 000 fine &
possible criminal charges. Ferraro
works on Ct. asbestos
cases. The Supreme Court of Florida has ruled that indi-
viduals who don't live in Florida & who have not been ex-
posed to asbestos within the state of Florida, cannot pursue
their lawsuits in Florida.

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LeConche No Show as
USS "Trustee Ship"

Part-time Captain LeConche was an MIA at the October
meeting."Navigator" Bob Cheverie [a non-member]
ran the meeting & faithful "1st mate" Butch Granell spun
"tall-tales" that were very entertaining.
As your Vice-President attempted to represent you, the
leadership intimidated the audience into leaving the hall.
"70+ year old "Ancient Mariner" John Pezzenti, who
managed to stay awake through the meeting, was escorted
out by fleeing crewman Don Douville & Jim Lawson
causing Manos to protest that the meeting was not in order.
"Cabin-boy" "Howdy"Grabowski, after claiming that
they could do what they want, ordered them back in.
As was pointed out on that night by a member:
"This is rats swimming back to a sinking ship."

Exec' Boards Disqualified

The GEB Attorney has disqualified the Local 230 &
District Council Executive Boards in regard to Union
Bosses' bogus charges against opposition candidate
Gene Julian
. Apparently Robert Luskin's office agrees that
"due to the political atmosphere" a rank & file member
who stands up for himself & other memberss cannot
get a fair hearing in Connecticut.
When Julian was contacted, he expressed surprise that
he had not been officially informed.
Hearing-Officer Peter Vaira stated, in an exclusive interview,
that he had not set a date yet for the hearing.

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Next issue : North American
Laborers' Legal Defense Fund

" Attack at Pomfret "

Ron Nobili [Business Manager for Bridgeport Local
665] was physically assaulted, October 6, 1997, at the
Laborers': Training School in Pomfret, by Shaun Cashman
[Business Manager for New Britian Local 611].

The meeting of Ct. Business Managers included Armand
Sabitoni, N.E. Regional Manager & International V.P.

Connecticut has lost more members than New York &
Massachusetts. We have also gained fewer members
back than our 2 neighboring States.

Also discussed were Project Labor Agreements.

Nobili took the floor & Cashman interrupted by saying :
"If you want to know about PLA's, why don't you ask me
instead of listening to that a**hole!"

Nobili responded : "It was obvious why he would be
disturbed by what negative remarks I might make about
PLA', considering the money that goes to his (Cashman's)
son's firm for advertising each time a PLA is signed."

Cashman than challenged Nobili to "Come over here!"
Nobili replied that he had no need to do so.
Cashman walked slowly around the table, & as the
other Union Officials looked on, stuck Nobili in the face
with his fist. Nobili stood up to defend himself & the
onlookers stepped in between. Cashman left, & returned 10
minutes later. Nobili left to contact the police & make
out a report. This matter is being investigated by
the IG & other law-enforcement agencies.
[An eye-witness has come forward.]

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Laborers for Justice, PO Box 845, Glastonbury, Ct 06033
TEL (860)633-4283, FAX (860)663-4283

? ? New Dirty Dozen ? ?

Business Managers : Anthony Scarnati(Local 56), Anthony Caruso(Local 449),
Peter Perez(Local 146), Dick Beckenbach(Local 675),
Anthony Inorio(Local 455), (,Victor Perugini(Local 390),
Shaun Cashman(Local 611), John Silva(Local 547),
Charles LeConche(Local 230).
John LeConche(Administrator, Training Academy)
Vincent Messina(International Representative, LIUNA)
Armand Sabitoni(New England Regional Manager &
LIUNA Vice-President)

Field Rep Recovers

Butchie Granell, is in recovery after undergoing surgery.
The diminutive & articulate Field Rep/Recording Secretary
was sorely missed at the September Meeting.
His prowess in reporting the Minutes of prior meetings
would place him prominently among the
leading fiction writers of his generation.
We wish Butchie a speedy recovery, & can only decry
& condemn the cynical elements of our Local who have
ungraciously suggested that Butchie was in the hospital
in order to have his nose surgically removed from
Charlie LeConche's buttocks.
This type of low rhetoric is unnecessary.

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!!!Love Nest!!!

E' Board Out of Closet

The members of Local 230 were once agai deprived of
their rights by the Union Bosses.
Your Vice-President was also deprived of his rights
as an officer & member.
The extremely well-rehearsed "Howdy"Grabowski
enthusiastically adjourned the October 20, 1997 Executive
Board Meeting after Manos refused to disrobe.
The scam that the Union Bosses used was to ask
Manos to remove his clothing in order to show that
he didn't have a tape-recorder on him.
"Howdy" & the rest of the "Peanut Gallery" also offered to
disrobe, which made Manos wonder if Village People music
& Vaseline weren't far "behind'.
"Buffalo Bob"Cheverie, who was noticed whispering in
"Howdy" Grabowski's ear at a prior meeting, then remarked
to Manos that he noticed a "bulge" in Manos's pocket.
As "Howdy" adjourned the meeting, Manos exited leaving
the gang to their own "devices".
After Manos left, the "boys" immediately called another
"sham" meeting in a further attempt to conceal the truth & further deprive you, the members, of your rights.
Your V.P. never got to ask questions in your behalf.
The original meeting was from 5:32 to 5:41 PM.

The "sham" meeting was from 5:50 to 6:13 PM.

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!!! Manos to Resign !!!

Vice-President Steve Manos has made a commitment
that could cost him his office.
Manos will ask to deposed under oath by
the Inspector General.
He will take $1,000 of his own money & pay for a
Polygraph test to be given at a Union Meeting>
If Manos is found to be deceptive, he will donate the
remainder of the $1,000 to the part-time Business
Manager' s favorite charity.
Manos will then resign his office immediately.

However !

The other 6 Executive Board members & the 3 Auditors
& the Sergeant-at-Arms & International Vice-President
Vere Haynes & Attorney Tom Brockett must do the same :

be deposed under oath, put up $1,000, & when found to
be liars, give the remainder of their $1,000 apiece to
Mano's favorite charity & & resign !!!
Boys, put your money where your mouths are.

Word for the Day

Suborn :

to induce or instigate (another) to do
something illegal, especially to commit perjury.

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Coia Charged. Who's Next ??

President Arthur Coia was charged, 11/6/97,
by GEB Attorney Robert Luskin of :
"knowingly permitting organized-crime members to
influence thew union's affairs, improperly accepting bene-
fits from a union service provider and knowingly
breaching his constitutional and fiduciary duties........."

President Coia is only being investigated by the Union.
LeConche & his accomplices are being investigated
by union, local, state & federal authorities.
"Coia has asserted his innocence & said he planned to
defend himself vigorously against the charges."

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