Labor Voice, Labor Day, 1997

LeConche Goes Berserk On Franklin Avenue !!!

Wild in Streets Outside Capriccio

Manos in Hospital After Attack

It's Howdy Doody Time

Cheverie Thinks, Grabowski Speaks

President Ted Grabowski, in the unaccustomed role of appearing to run an Executive Board Meeting, was actually called upon by Vice-President Steve Manos to answer several questions. The one-time reform candidate was coached by Attorney Robert Cheverie who continously whispered in his ear when the going got tough. "Buffalo Bob" Cheverie's actions became so frequent that C.T. "Mr. Bluster" LeConche instructed Butchie Granell to change seats with Cheverie. The others in the "Peanut gallery" remained silent. Hey Guys ! : Even "Clarabelle honked his horn once in a while. Remember what the original "Buffalo Bob" used to say: "Kids, always tell the truth."

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1 Job = 3 Pensions

Your officers at Local 230, in addition to receiving
generous salaries and expensive cars to drive,
also have added special benefits.

"Deferred Compensation" 10% over and above their annual salaries

"International Pension" 12% over and above their annual salaries

They also retire after 25 yearss in office!!!

You have to get 30 Credits in order to retire!!!

Having had a bad year or illness in the family could force you to work 35 years in order to get your 30 credits!!!

Does 55 years of age and 25 credits sound good?

Can't the Union bosses give you something better than
only 55% of your hard-earned pension if you don't have
30 credit?
Are they working for you or are you working for

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Torchia on Top

Ex VP Comes Back After Loss

Former Vice-President Luigi Torchia, after a stunning
defeat by Reform Candidate Steve Manos, has come
back stronger than ever.
After a very successful run on the $19+/hour
Glastonbury Pipeline job, Brother Torchia, although
exhausted and taking a much needed rest from all
those long hours of overtime, nevertheless heeded the
call from Business Manager Charles LeConche and
is now the new concrete foreman at the
Farmington Medical Center.
LeConche proudly announced his recommendation to
the contractor of Brother Torchia at the July
Executive Board Meeting for Local 230.
Congratulations are in order both to LeConche for his fine
choice and to Torchia for developing his numerous skills and
talents so as to be so much in demand.
Best of Luck Lou from All the Gang
[Editor's Note : All you fellas out of work,
stop by the Medical center and say Hi.]

The Word for the Day is Back-Door-ing :

An indirect, underhanded or illegal means or way
marked by fraud or suppression of truth.
Going around proper rules and standards.

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Labor Voice, P0 Box 845, Glastonbury, CT 06033

Manos Assaulted

Vice-President Steve Manos, was threatened with
bodily harm by part-time Business Manager and
full-time bully Charles T. LeConche during a Union
Executive Board Meeting held at Capriccio Restaurant
in Hartford on Wednesday, July 30, 1997.
LeConche became enraged at Manos because of
Manos's newsletter Labor Voice and because Vice-
President Manos, in his capacity as an officer, asked
questions about how the members' dues money
is being spent.
LeConche told Manos that he would :
" your F***ing throat out!"
After threatening Manos and using extremely foul
language, LeConche rose from his chair and charged
at Manos only to be held back by two members.
Manos was then asked to leave by Attorney Tom
Brockett, and while he was gathering his personal
belongings from the table, Manos was blind-sided
and body-slammed to the concrete floor by
Sergeant-At-Arms Frank Freeman.
LeConche and his brother Billy stormed out
of the main door and up the side street
in an attempt to attack Manos.

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Labor Voice, Tel or Fax 860/633-4283

The LeConches were restrained by other members but
continued their profanity and threats towards Manos.
Manos left the area and called the Police.
Manos returned to his home and met with the
Investigator for the Inspector General's Office,
who declared the situation to be "out of control"
and later made a report direct to Washington DC.
[ Several investigations are now underway. ]
Manos went to Manchester Memorial Hospital where he
was x-rayed and treated.

In attendance at the Executive Board :
The Dirty Dozen :

Charles LeConche, Business Manager
Ted Grabowski, President
Butch Granell, Recording Secretary
John Pezzenti, Secretary Treasurer
James Lawson, Executive Board
Wayne Silva, Executive Board
Don Douville, Auditor
Ted Lecky, Auditor
William Del Gaizo, Auditor
Tom Brockett, Union Attorney
Vere Haynes, International Vice-President
Frank Freeman, Sergeant at Arms
[Billy LeConche, in bar]

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Ex-Steward to New Job

Labor Steward Manny Lambert, after returning to work
at Uconn as a result of an Illegal picket Line,
was mysteriously removed two weeks later
from that job by the Union bosses.
Brother Lambert was, however, given a
"better job closer to home".
Vice-President Manos, prior to being threatened and
assaulted at the July Executive Board Meeting, asked part-
time Business Manager LeConche why
Brother Lambert was switched to another job.
LeConche's reply to Manos was that Brother Lambert was
going to "beat the s**t out of you!"
[ Apparently, negative, violent and assaultive behavior is
still rewarded in Local 230 ]
Will somebody please read the Consent Decree???

Show Us The Money !!!

Local 230 loses $5,000,000

Vice-President Steve Manos asked Part time Business Manager LeConche how much of the money lost to Colonial Realty by our Members was recovered. LeConche, the former hairdresser/bartender, claims that the information is confidential !!!

Don't we, the Members of Local 230,

have the right to know???

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The Taj Mahal

Mausoleum of white marble in Agra, India,
built between 1632 and 1648 by the fifth em-
peror of the mogul dynasty, Shah Jahan as a tomb
for his beloved wife, Arjumand Banu, known as
Mumtaz Mahal, "the ornament of the palace".

The Taj Ma Hall

Monument to the - Kingdom of Self

475 Ledyard Street, Hartford
Thousands of Members'money A completely new Kitchen
A newly paved parking lot
New Carpeting
New furniture
A glass enclosure [ outside the Hall ], including a
bullet-proof window along with a
microphone and secured deposit box.
[ Referred to by Members as
"The McDonalds Window" ]
Referred to by LeConche as "The Deli Window"

Do you want your Hall back?
Call 860/633-4283

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Inspector General Hotline : 1/800/808-4066

Lies !!!

Executive Board

Tampers with Truth

The minutes for July 30, 1997 as read at the Executive
Board Meeting of August 21, 1997 made no mention that
C.T. LeConche made a murderous threat against
Steve Manos and then tried to attack Manos.
LeConche and his accomplices make Manos at fault.

Labor Voice
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