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Armand E. Sabitoni, Vice President & Regional Manager
Laborers' International Union of North America
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January 21, 1999

Dear Sir and Brother:






Please be advised that I am responding regarding a letter sent from CLDC

Business Manager, Charles LeConche to you and copied to all Connecticut affiliates as

well as General Counsel Michael Bearse. Please accept my apologies as regards

timeliness pertaining to this reply but both my secretary and I have had repeated

occurrences with the flu which were compounded by some rather adverse weather

conditions in the area







In Mr. LeConche's letter to you, Mr. LeConche is strong on hyperbole and self-

serving rhetoric while short on facts. The incident that brought on an emphatic response

had absolutely nothing to do with my proposal relative to a carryover provision. That

issue had been discussed and dispatched without incident. The issue that caused the

incident was the fact that Mr. LeConche in his typical tyrannical despotic manner

attempted to dismiss a proposal to place restraints on unlimited mobility by declaring any

proposals regarding such matters to be illegal. Even worse, District Council Attorney

Robert Cheverie shook his head in the affirmative which at that point served to quell

participation and concern by other delegates to the Council who appeared to be of a

similar persuasion i.e. that there needs to be some restraints placed on unlimited mobility

especially in the wake of the current settlement provisions regarding the CLDC lawsuit.

When I amicably said that such a proposal was not illegal and, if there was a consensus,

the proposal had every right to be on the table, Mr. LeConche in his usual tyrannical way

proclaimed that "unlimited mobility was here. to stay". He then proceeded to personally

attack me verbally, while dismissing any further talk regarding the issue- It was at that

time that I physically pounded on the table proclaiming that such an issue was not illegal,

that I had had discussions with other CLDC representatives in that room on prior

occasions and that I thought the issue worthy of exploration and should not be dismissed.




 Business Manager







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As far as vulgarity, I let Mr. LeConche know, 1) that I lacked respect for someone

in his position who is quick to dismiss for parochial reasons and negate to air such a

proposal, 2) that I didn't care who he was, considering that our membership should 

expect someone in his position to have a better understanding and knowledge of what is

forbidden by law, and 3) that he should realize the difference; that it is because of the

current interpretation of the Collective Bargaining Agreements that the new proposal,

while being unenforceable, certainly isn't illegal. Obviously Mr. LeConche resents

diplomatic correction and is accustomed to operating in a tyrannical, sarcastic, dismissive

and intimidating way facilitated by CLDC Attorney Robert Cheverie, whom Mr.

LeConche apparently can't make a move or hold a meeting without, at considerable

additional expense to the membership


Further exploring the vulgarity issue as well as an example of true intimidation

may I suggest that you "plug in" to the tape recording of Mr. LeConche attacking former

vice- president of Local 230, Stephen Manos at a meeting held at Cappricio's Restaurant.

An audio format of the tape can be found on the World Wide Net at or not Mr. LeConche is demented, either by medication

or by his personality, I have no intention of being intimidated by him in the appropriate

discharge of my duties. Mr. LeConche should also understand that I intend on

representing the concerns of members of Local 665 whom I believe have a great many

shared concerns with all the members of the several Locals affiliated with the CLDC.


On October 6, 1997 1 was punched in the face by Business Manager Shaun

Cashman in the presence of Mr. LeConche, No similar letter was sent from Mr.

LeConche condemning Mr. Cashman's actions.


In conclusion, I would like to say that since the incident at the Fund Office and

my discussion with you via telephone concerning that matter, Mr. LeConche's attitude

and the order of conduct at the last two proposal meetings have improved dramatically





Fraternally yours
s/Ronald Nobili
Ron Nobili,
Business Manager

cc:  Michael Bearse, General Counsel

Robert Cheverie, Esq.

All affiliated construction locals