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Is Leisa Z. LeConche married to John "Moustache" LeConche, organized crime member ?

How does one notify the state of Connecticut that a fraud has been perpetrated against its Small Contractors Set Aside Program?

Did Cheverie participate as lawyer in the incorporation of Sil/Con and hence aid and abet the fraud?

Did Cheverie defend Silva in this matter, knowing full well that Silva was a contractor and not eligible to run when nominated?

Has the IG's office asked Silva if he retained Cheverie in any capacity at any time?

Did Cheverie help obtain the certificate of legibility for Silva?

Does the IHO Office have any evidence  of fraud on the part of Silva or Cheverie that it has not turned over to law authorities thus aiding and abetting the fraud?

Has any complaint been filed with any attorney registration and/or disciplinary committee by any lawyer under a duty to report unethical conduct by lawyers? Has the IHO office reported to any U.S. Government Agency the fraud in the Connecticut set aside program which most likely is financed in some way by DOL money or U.S. taxpayer funds?

Do the mail fraud statues come into play?

Is it true that control of Local 230 was acquired through Fraudulent LM-15 & LM-16 Forms filed with the Secretary of Labor in Washington, DC in 1970 ???

Did  ERISA fraud occur by having Wayne Silva's wife covered by Welfare and/or pension funds?

Was the IHO delinquent or negligent in retaining an investigator who was not able to conduct an investigation until April 21-23 when the IHO knew on February 10, 1999 it did not have sufficient information to rule on the eligibility of Silva to run for office? Is the investigator negligent by not pursuing the matter sooner? Did the investigator take on a work assignment it knew full well it did not
have the wherewithal to promptly handle?

Did the other members of the slate know Silva was a contractor and hence not eligible to run, thereby perpetrating a fraud on the membership of 230?

Did Sil/Con pay union scale wages? Did Silva violate the constitution by working for less than union scale? Is Silva subject to internal disciplinary charges for subverting the collective bargaining agreements by working for less than scale?

If Sil/Con is a union contractor , who signed it up? Charlie?

Are the IG Agents and/or the GEB Attorney's office investigating this or has the International's curtailment of funds effectively curtailed investigations in Connecticut, region of Armand Sabitoni, son of mobster "Mondo" Sabitoni, who both the GEB Attorney and IHO know had a "business relationship" with Patriarca, Sr.?