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Thank you for your polite inquiry.
Nice to hear from you again.
Answers are as follows:
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From: Kathleen Leonard <>
To: <>
Date: Saturday, October 02, 1999 8:53 AM
Subject: truth

Q1. why do you state at the laborers for justice site that you are vice president of local 230?  you aren't, are you?
A1. I do not state anything. I was VP of Local 230 from 06/95 to 06/98.
I am now retired [having been forced into early retirement by the criminal enterprise & racketering scheme within Local 230].
I can't even go to MY union hall because of the threat of physical violence.
The Laborers-for-Justice web-site is not owned or published by me & any reference anywhere as to my former position is historical rather than contemporaneous.

Q2. your comments and articles are one sided. 
do you only print things your way?
A2. Ask the Laborers-for-Justice web-master.
My comments are grounded in fact & are from my point of view.
If you or anyone else wants to express an opinion, all you have to do is send it to me or any of the independent laborers' web-sites & it will be published without editing.
You won't be intimidated, insulted, threatened, retaliated against, & beaten up [as I was at the hands of LeConche & his associates-in-fact].
Q3. Instead of trying to bring the union down, why don't you concentrate on
how to make it stronger.  You are supposed to be a "union man" but you
do nothing but try to divide.  That is not what union is about.
A3. The union wiil be made stronger when the criminal element that pervades certain segments of the union are legally eliminated. I am a "union man" [34 years] & it is not me or other dissidents who are dividing it. It is, in fact, the criminals who are running the union into the ground.
Now, I have the following questions for you.
1. Are you the same Kathleen Leonard who works for The Connecticut Laborers' District Council & is the sister-in-law of Business Manger Charles LeConche?
3. If so, have you personally heard LeConche use profane, abusive & defamatory language towards me or anyone else while you worked in the laborers' Union office?
In addition, I suggest that you go to & scroll down to "Steve Manos Beating" & play the "real-audio" version so your brother-in-law's own words can enlighten you.
Thank you again for this opportunity to share information.
I eagerly look forward to your reply.
Best Regards,
Steve Manos

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