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Laborers for JUSTICE Announcement

99-12-24 Effective immediately, hard to obtain documents will be available in such a fashion that the webmaster of can not steal them and publish them on his "personal" website as his own work.

99--05-30 Laborers for JUSTICE endorse Initiative 702 and call upon rank and file members to adopt similar initiatives as amendments to their  local's bylaws.

99-05-29 Laborers for JUSTICE demonstrates to members how wireless internet cameras outside key locations document movements by personnel under surveillance, how Crimedawg in Chicago monitors movements of scumbags in Hartford, Connecticut without their knowledge or consent.

99-05-29 Laborers for JUSTICE announce availability of Arthur Coia transcripts to members together with analysis why IHO decision by Peter Vaira is seriously flawed, why members suspect another "Jackie Presser" deal by DOJ, why LIUNA self reform is a "farce, a fraud, and a sham."

1999-04-02  Laborers for JUSTICE announce plans to request equal time to address political issue of ratification of collective bargaining agreements by rank and file membership.

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