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Web Changes  09/08/00

This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our unbiased reporting of corruption and undemocratic practices in The Connecticut Laborers District Council where Coia crony , Charlie LeConche, stifles legitimate dissent and has reformers beaten up (Manos). We will also report on the undemocratic practices and unethical activities of the webmaster of

99-12-23  Chris White, webmaster of, removes Laborers for JUSTICE from list of reformers after Jim McGough asks that his copyrights not be removed from files and documents he makes available to members and the public, files and web documents Chris White unfairly and deceptively claims credit for. See for site that will compete with Chris White's personal web  site.

99-11-02 Free Internet access available to members of Laborers for JUSTICE in North America willing to look at one banner ad that is movable. Request details. If you use AOL and continue to pay $21 have your head examined for a missing brain. If you pay LIUNA $17.95 for the same internet access the AFL-CIO will offer for $14.95, you are more stupid  than you appear to be. If you pay either or subscribe to AOL when you can get the same service free, please do not run for office in LIUNA. We have enough idiots in charge right now.

Self viewing IHO decision on Fosco available to members of Laborers for JUSTICE. Request

99-1o-02 Added Kathy Leonard's correspondence with Steve Manos in the same style, format, and content so as not to violate Manos's copyrights and linked to the audio of his beating by LeConche thugs.

99-09-29 Added Labor Voice Sept. 24, 1999 article on addition of defendant Michael Bearse, LIUNA General Counsel (Coia appointee)  to "LCL" RICO suit by rank and file laborers. 

99-17-99 Added U.S. vs. Salemme and articles about Judge's condemnation of FBI

99-09-16 Added Bulletin on RICO that conspirators need not commit predicate acts 

99-09-15 Manos adds his summarization of NLPC corruption report on the Laborers, in Manos' style and format

99-09-10 Amended RICO complaint filed against the "LCL" Luskin, Coia,  LeConche,  Bearse, et al in U.S. District Court Where is the fraudulently concealed protective order of the National Labor Relations Board?

99-07-07 LeConche drops bogus lawsuit against reformer Manos

99-05-30 Added Hartford Advocate article on local 230 where members are terrorized by you know who and not allowed to talk to reporters.

99-05-18 Vaira decision on Silva (LeConche crony- running mate) being a contractor and therefore ineligible for office. Questions raised about possible fraud against Connecticut Minority Set Aside program. Vaira decision graphic

99-04-02 Coia "lapdog"Sabitoni disseminates his political opinions on inadvisability of allowing rank and file members to approve collective bargaining agreements. Laborers for JUSTICE members thank Sabitoni for opening his mouth and penning his thoughts. They had underestimated his stupidity.Laborers for JUSTICE will ask for equal time and equal International resources to disseminate its opposing political views .

99-04-02 Added graphic of Vaira's Order and Memorandum on Manos' election protest to illustrate misspelling of "LeConche"

99-03-21 Manos' Discovery Plan Proposal against LeConche and Luskin et al in CT Civil Case #398 CV 00489 AWT

Added Manos complaint to IHO Vaira on lack of penalties in Vaira's latest ineffectual order.

[New!]Added gif version of Viara Order and Memorandum  on Manos Election protest
Added lame-brained LeConche's lawyer's latest laughable letter to Nobili (What the "L" is going on?
Added a link to "Squeal", excerpts of book that reveals history of corruption in local 230
Letter writing campaign suggested to U.S. Attorney General et al
99/02/13 Published IHO Vaira's Feb.10, 1999   Order and Memorandum resulting from Manos's June 1998 election protest against Coia crony, Charlie "Kingfish" LeConche, the uncouth, uncultured, uneducated lout who despotically tyrannizes Connecticut laborers and stifles "union democracy". Vaira misspelled LeConche's name as "LaConche" , almost defeating the ability of full text search and retrieval systems to find synonyms for corruption. More details later on LCN member John "The Mustache" LeConche, Charlie's moral twin and brother. (Graphic image of Vaira order)
99/01/27 Added Charlie leConche's pathetic letter to crony Sabitoni alleging Ron Nobili was trying to provoke a confrontation when Ron is just trying to avoid getting beat up again by LeConche thugs.

99/01/27 Nobili letter to Coia lapdog, Armand Sabitoni

99/01/15 Nobili letter to LeConche's lawyer on Charlie's "hypocondriacal" state of mind.

Charlie " Kingfish" LeConche, otherwise known as the "Bully" , suffered medical complications when Labor 'Hero" Ron Nobili banged his fist on a table when emphasizing the need for honest union leadership. See LeConche's lamebrain attorney's letter to Ron Nobili. Send Charlie a get well card, some courage,  and a brain to his attorney, Patrick Tomasiewicz of Fazzano, Tomasiewicz, & Dewey, LLC, formerly referred to as Dewey, Cheathem & Howe.

LeConche threatens Nobili despite congressional admonition not to retaliate. DOJ watches conspiracy unfold. Luskin does nothing. Gow not available.
Laborers for JUSTICE Establishes Internet Presence
See the press release for more details.

Wall Manos petition for Writ of Mandamus  on Acting Chief Of the U.S. Department of Justice and LIUNA GEB Attorney, Robert D. Luskin

See the Petition for Mandamus for more details.

Congressional Bill to amend LMRDA to require election of District Council Officers by rank and file, a bill that needs the support of all rank and file of every union.

Proposed bill to require unions to provide copies of local's membership list before elections.

Recent Media Coverage of Laborers for JUSTICE and Connecticut Laborer's Union


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