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Hi gals! I know it's been ages since this site has been updated, but college has kept me super-busy! As you know, our davvid now has his own show, Angel. We are very proud of him, although we will miss him like crazy on Buffy! This page will now be the home of all things Angel.

Anyone who has pics that they can donate, especially group shots from Buffy and pics of Buffy & Angel together, please send them to me (in JPG or GIF form if possible)at Oh and if anyone has Buffy/Angel wavs, I could use some too! Also if anyone has any good Buffy & Angel links, send them along too...just check if they're current first. I am syill weeding out old links and don't want to post any expired ones. Dead links only waste our prescious web surfing time!

I am looking into moving this site to another server. Tripod has changed the format recently and it's gotten a little confusing. I'd like to find a free server that also allows you to upload sounds to the site. I heard that Geocities does this. If anyone has info on this, please contact me. Also, fellow homepage builders and owners I need a little help. I fouy know how to wite freeform (ie html.) I would like to talk to you. I used to know how to do it pretty well but I am a bit rusty and need a refresher course.

Thanks for your patience!

Enjoy your visit!

Check back for updates!

I'll let you know when the move is finnally planned!

Welcome to the Angelette Club.

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This page is dedicated to the tragic love story of Buffy & Angel.


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Buffy News

*******************UPDATE 9/17/98************************************
I can't believe it!  It took almost 4 whole months, but it finally came in the mail this week!  I know he must have been very busy with 100's of addresses to go through and very little time.  he had a right to a vacation during the hiatus, and they started taping Season 3 in July.  I'm just glad he finally got to MY address!  I am in total shock.  When I saw the envelope with the WB logo, I had no idea what it was!  I opened it and screamed so loud that I think I almost blew my mom's eardrums out!  I am so Happy!!!!!!!!!!!!I am going to take pictures of me in my dorm room at school with my Buffy posters and Pics of David.  Then I'll send him copies with a great big THANK YOU letter!  He DOES answer some of his fan mail and even CALLS some of his fans, so be sure to include your phone number if you write to him! **********************************************************************
Here's the Address to write to David and 
the rest of the Buffy Cast:

David Boreanaz
c/o Buffy The Vampire Slayer
c/o/ The Warner Brothers Television Network
4000 Warner Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91522
Season 3 of Buffy began on September 29!  

This is the Buffy Schedule for the new season:
9/29  Anne
10/6  Dead Man's Party
10/13 Faith, Hope, and Trick
10/20 Beauty and the Beasts
10/27 Halloween (Repeat Season 2)

Did everyone catch Seventeen Magazine "Faces for Fall"? 

SMG swimming with the dolphins!  What a cool "vacation"!
SMG is on the cover of the November 1998 issue of Teen. 

It has a lavendar cover.  Keep an eye out for it. I got one, finally!
Did anyone catch David on MTV's Total Request Live on Monday 10/26?
I was the crazed fan holding the HUGE David Boreanaz sign!
I actually saw him in person!  He looks just as GORGEOUS as he 
does on TV!  After the WB Store Disaster, it was an awesome 
experience! I was just standing outside of the MTV building with 
a few other fans, waiting for the show to begin at 3:30.  He was in 
town promoting Levis Jeans, and came form the store on 57th street.
At 3pm a black limo arrived in front of the MTV building.  We were
standing there thinking "Could it really be him? Surely they will
sneak him in through the back door."  We were wrong.  He stepped
out of the limo, right in front of me, wearing Cutom fit Levis Jeans,
sunglasses (like they could disguise his beautiful face!), a black 
shirt with white stripes and a black jacket.  I shreiked in surprise 
as he walked towards the main entrance.    I was so surprised and 
shocked. I have asthma and had trouble breathing for a few minutes.  
I couldn't stop shaking.  I knew he was coming, but I NEVER expected 
him to just walk RIGHT IN THE FRONT DOOR in front of us!  I tried to
remain as calm as possible as he turned to smile and wave to us.
Thank Goodness I'd had the sense to have my camera in my hand.  
I got a great shot of him as turned to smile at us. When I develop
the film, I'll try to put a couple of the pics up for you all to see.
I had a giant posterboard with a big poster from one of the teen mags
of David in the center and he saw it as he walked inside.  Then, the
host of Total Request Live, Crason Daly, looked out the window and 
saw me standing there with my poster.  I've been there a few times
before, so I think he recognized me. He nodded at me amd smiled 
before he started the show.  David mad ehis debut areound 3:45
and turned to smile at us out the windpw a few times.  The biggest
surprise, and the moment I'll never forget wa sthe one right before
they went to the commercial break before the #3 video.  Carson
looked right at the camera and said something like,"We're going to 
take a break, but first, let me bring you over here to the window 
and get a shot of this.  This girl has been here all day with the 
biggest David Boreanaz poster.  He walked over to the window with 
David and HE (DAVID)looked right at me and pointed to me!  The camera 
shows me holding my poster and sreaming, but they missed my expression 
David looked right at me!  I thought I'd died and gone to Heaven!  
The only complaint I have is that when he was leaving, I tried to get 
up to him to actually MEET him, get him to sign a poster, and give him
a card I'd made for him, but the pushy little brats who had suddenly
appeared out of nowhere (I'd been standing outside the MTV building 
since 1:30) all crowded around him and I couldn't get to him.  He
had a BTVS hat and shirt and one little brat grabbed both of them!
One of the girls I'd been hanging out with mananged to get 2 pages
of looseleaf paper signed and felt so bad she gave me one of them.
Alll the girls who were with me wanted to find that little brat and
beat her down for what she did, beacuse I almost had the shirt 
before she grabbed it. I just want to thank the girls who I hung 
out with that day, especially, Joanna.  It was a very interesting day.    
David was on the Howie Mandell Show on Tuesday 10/27.  I missed the 
first minute of 2, but he was gorgeous as usual!
David Boreanaz is on TV Guide's cover for the week of 11/7/98, along
with Felicity's Keri Russel.  Pick up your copy now!
Well, that's all for now!  Catch ya later!

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