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Sorry Guys! The Site I got most of the pics on this page from is either down or has been deleted! I'll try to get some more A.S.A.P!

This section is exclusively for ANGEL. Feel free to drool. I provide mops for cleanup.

I just love his smirk!

Don't you just love the way he leans?!

His mysterious, sexy stare!

Angel Outdoors!

His Sexy Smile!

Angel in The Master's Lair.

Angel Leaning Against a Pillar.

Angel Leaning Against a Wall.

This section is For Buffy and Angel Pics! Enjoy!

This one is a nice Buffy and Angel Collage that I downloaded. It can be used as a desktop theme.

Shirtless Scene from "Angel" episode. HOT!

A nice pic of Angel Holding Buffy.

Another nice Buffy and Angel Pic.

Buffy and Angel against a Blue Background.

Closeup of Buffy and Angel against a Blue Background.

Buffy and Angel against a Red Background.

A TV Guide BTVS Promo.

Buffy and Angel Playing With Swords.

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