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Welcome to My Links Page!

     Hi!  Welcome to Lady G's favorite Links Page.  Here you will
find links to all of my favorite sites. Quite a few are links to
Buffy The Vampire SLater and and Angel Sites.  Others are Virtual
Gift Sites and Star Wars Websites. Enjoy your visit!
                    *HUGS*  Jackie (Lady Guienivere)                                           

Lady G's Favorite Sites

Ultimate TV
Link to Buffy Chat
Official WB Buffy Website
Buffy Site
You Know You Watch too Much Buffy When..........
How to tell if you're a BTVS Junkie!
Domain of the Slain
Cool Buffy Site
BTVS Fan Club
Buffy Fan Club
Angel Lover's Mailing List
Sign up for Angel Lover's mailing list.
Angel Girls Buffy Page
Cool Angel Site. Drool Worthy Pics!
Angel's Loft
Great Angel Site. Cool Photo Gallery!
Angel Love
Great Angel Site!
David Boreanaz
Cool Angel Site!
David Boreanaz
Cool Angel Site!
Codename Angel, Angelus Moon's Vampire Slayer Page
Interesting Angel Site.
Angelus' BTVS Page
Angel Site.
Star Wars Imperial Center
Awesome Star Wasr SIte!
Official Hasbro/Star Wars Website
Cool Star Wars Site.
800 Florals
Virtual Flower gifts to send by email.
123 Greetings
Cool greeting cards and gifts to send by email.
Blue Mountain
Cool Musical and Animated Greeting Cards to send by email.
For Someone Special
100+ Cool Virtual Gift Sites In One!
Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Great Buffy Site. Lots of info on the show.
AngelusT has done it again! Angel Drool-o-Meter, and great Angel stuff!
Angel's Buffy Page
Yet Another Buffy Site
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Quotes
BTVS Quotes Page
The Buffy Quote Page
BTVS Quotes Page
The Slayerettes Club
Buffy Fan Club
Angel's Buffy The Vampire Slayer Page
Another Buffy/Angel Site
Buffy & Angel Forever!
Awesome Buffy/Angel Site!
PunchVamp's Homepage
Great BTVS Site!
Angel Central
Great ANGEL Page!
Angel And The Slayer
Cool Buffy/Angel Site
Angel Keeper's Page
Angel Fan's BTVS Page!
Great ANGEL Page!
BTVS Tape Trade
Tape Trade Site
Buffy Tape Trade
Tape Trade Site

Links to the Other Pages at This Site.

Lady G's Welcome Page!
Main Page of This Site.
All About Me!
Biographical Information about Your's Truly, "Lady G".
Buffy Fan Central
Page Devoted to My Favorite TV Show--Buffy The Vampire Slayer!
Juliette's Jokes
Some of my Favorite Funny Stuff
Lady G's Buffy Quotes Page
Some of my Favorite Quotes and Scenes from BTVS
Princess Leia's Star Wars Universe!
My Very Own Page Dedicated to The Greatest Movies Ever Made!
The Angelette's Club
A Member of the Buffy & Angel Forever Webring!
Lady Guienivere's Buffy Tape Trade!
Place to trade buffy Episodes, Interviews, etc....

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