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Welcome to Lady Guienivere's Homepage! Here are links to the rest of the site.

Jackie's Welcome Page
My Original Homepage at Angelfire.
All About Me
Biographical Information about Your's Truly, "Lady G".
Lady G's Favorite Links Page
Links to All My Favorite Sites.
Buffy Fan Central
Page Devoted to My Favorite TV Show--Buffy The Vampire Slayer!
Lady G's Buffy Quotes Page!
Some of My Favorite Quotes and Scenes from BTVS
Juliette's Jokes
Some of my Favorite Funny Stuff
Princess Leia's Star Wars Universe!
My Very Own Page Dedicated to The Greatest Movies Ever Made!
The Angelette Club!
Great Site For all Buffy and Angel Fans! (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)
Lady Guienivere's Buffy Tape Trade Site!
Place to trade Buffy Episodes, Interviews, etc....
Lady Guienivere's Buffy The Vampire Slayer Picture Gallery!
Great Pics of the Cast of Buffy The Vampire Slayer!

Jaclyn Botta
Bronx, NY
United States

Welcome to Buffy Fan Central!

     Hi everyone!  Lady Guienivere here!  Hi to my Buffy Chat Pals:

Sgtrock, Dakota, Nightshade, Peridot, PoizonIvy, Pendragon, Zarkon, 

Bree, Pel, Bradley, Vato, Aelis, Talldude, Jmwalsh, Yoda900, Callista, 

Darknite, Violator, Dryice, Layla, Contessa, Samiel, Orfie, Slayer51,

CRZY4BFY, Willow436, Buffy_13, Xander-182, Angel241, Anch, Slayed Soul,

Willow108, Cybergirl, Buf-Puf, VampyrSlayr, and St. Joseph.  

I hope I didn't forget anyone!  If I did, email me and I'll add your

name to the list.

     Welcome to my Homepage. My original Welcome Page is still

on Angelfire, but I decided to move my site here.  If you'd like to 

see my other welcome page go to:

     I hope you enjoy your visit to my site.  *HUGS*
                                 Jackie aka Lady Guienivere     

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