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To my friendship page!!!

Everyone's invited!!
So come on in
Please enter with gladness
And let us begin
To try and discover
The meaning of friend!

~ Friendship ~

It's not about color
race, religion, or creed.
It's not about riches
possessions, ambition, or greed.

It's about respect, caring, and forgiving
Faith, trust, and love.
It's all about sharing and encouragement
Gifts given by the Man above.

~Nancy Wesley~

Friendship is a blessing.....
It's the best you have to share,
The talents and the wisdom,
The capacity to care....
It's being there to lend support,
Whatever needs arise,
It's making sure that others know
They're special in your eyes....

Friendship is a blessing,
And, to all who have a friend,
It's one of the most precious gifts
That life could ever send

~Author Unknown~

The first rule of friendship is sharing.

With all that I have
And all that I am
I share these things
With you... my friends!

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My parting wish for you: May there always be flowers and friends in your life!!

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