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Howie Writes A Song For 3Deep 
Howie D. of the Backstreet Boys wrote track #3, "Heaven Sent" on 3deep's new CD: "Can't Get Over You".

Can't Get Over You

3deep is back in 2001 with a brand new smash hit single 'CAN't GET OVER YOU' which is now climbing the charts at Canadian radio. If you wish to request this song, click onto the CANADIAN RADIO button and get connected to your favorite radio station and ask them to play it. This catchy new song, is the first single from the forthcoming brand new CD due in stores everywhere in Canada May 1st. If you want your store to carry this CD, then tell the store manager to make sure they have the new 3deep CD in stock when it is released. That is the only way to make sure it finds its way onto the shelves of your favorite record store. If you don't ask the manager of the store to order it, they won't get it. Eddie, Joshua and CJ have been very busy over the past few months juggling schedules and working overtime to make all of their obligations. As you know, both Eddie and Joshua are on very popular television shows that have made their faces very familiar to audiences everywhere. It takes a lot of time to shoot a television show and it also takes alot of time and effort to make a successful CD. Somehow the guys manage to balance both because they really love everything that they do.

Joshua, when asked about the new CD stated "this is our best collection of songs yet. I am very proud of the work that we have done and the work that we are still putting into this project. It hasn't been easy and we have had so many delays and distribution dilemmas with this new CD that it really made this recording much more difficult than the first one. We are really looking forward to finding out what our fans say about it, I do know that they will like it even more than the first CD. It has the 3deep sound that our fans have come to love, but we have taken it up to the next level. We also have some harder edged material that I just love and had such a blast singing and rapping. We do some really nice love songs, and hopefully this will connect with our audience. I am still amazed at how diverse our fans are. We have the young girls, the teen girls, the ones in their 20's and then a whole army of mothers that love us just as much as their daughters do. It blows my mind. We also have more guys who are fans than people would think. I think that the guys who come to a 3deep show are the smart ones because there are just tons of nice girls that they can meet".

This new CD has songs written by 3deep, and co-writes with top producers such as Justin Gray, Jamie Jones of the pop music group All-4-One and Howie D of the Backstreet Boys. It is the type of CD that you can play the whole thing without skipping a track here or there. When asked while on the set of THIRD WATCH, Eddie said "I really like our new songs. People ask me do we sound like the Backstreet Boys or N'Sync, and I tell them no, not really. They are phenomenal groups and we like their music and listen to their CD's, but we are a totally different type of a group. They are the kings of pop and we are not trying to compete with anybody. We just do our own thing, and have fun doing it. If we didn't have fun, we would not do this because it is hard work, especially with me shooting in New York. But, we love our fans and look forward to reconnecting with them when we do more shows and appearances. This new CD is going to be a fan favorite." This CD will also be the first 3deep CD to go global. In addition to North America, fans in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, England, France, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan and Hong Kong will have access to this record in stores in the summer. Of course, the overseas fans do not have to wait until then, as this new CD will be available on the 3deep store on this website (with a safe and secure credit card transaction system) the same day that it is available in record stores here. So never fear, as your 3deep CD is only a click away.

On a recent trip to Vancouver where CJ was working with hot upcoming producer on a new track, we asked him about the new album. "Man, this is the bomb CD. We are chock full of potential hit songs for radio. I couldn't be happier. As a matter of fact I was just working in Vancouver on a great song called 'Heaven Sent' which is a beautiful song. I know that our fans will love this one. We have also been working with Howie D. of the Backstreet Boys on a song that he wrote for our CD that the girls will love. Howie has become a good friend to 3deep and we do enjoy having him contribute to our CD. I got to meet him in Toronto and then we hooked up again in Florida at the Miss US TEEN PAGEANT this past summer. He was a judge along with our manager Jeff Mullen. Jeff has known Howie and the Backstreet Boys for a long time now as I guess he worked with them in the studio when they first got started back in 1994 making demos or something like that. But we couldn't be happier with the collaborative efforts on songs for this new CD as I know that this is by far our best recording".

The new video for 'CAN't GET OVER YOU' will be available for viewing in the MEDIA section of this website. You will be able to download it so that the quality is crystal clear. This video is the best one every for 3deep and fans will love the fast moving and sexier style. Don't forget to tell your friends all about 3deep and continue to write letters and comments on the GUESTBOOK. The guys really do read these notes and get a kick out of all of the craziness that sometimes takes place here. Remember to keep it clean as we do have many kids that visit this area. Don't forget to call your favorite radio station and ask them to play 3deep's 'CAN'T GET OVER YOU'. If you need the hotline phone number of your favorite station, simply click on our radio area and dial it up and request 3deep. Thanks and look for the new 3deep CD MAY 1st 2001 Canada first, then the US and overseas. If you want to order the new CD online, or purchase any of our other 3deep items, be assured that it is SAFE and SECURE. We have the latest encrypted technology that protects you and your card numbers. Only the bank computer will see them, we never do so your credit card is always safe. Ordering is secure and easy and you should get your order in the mail within 4 weeks.