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Lafayette-Greylock Lodge
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This page was last updated April 29, 2014

Welcome to Lafayette-Greylock Lodge

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172 Church St. North Adams, Ma. 01247
Map to our Lodge

For information call or e-mail
413-663-3486 (Lodge)

If you would like to receive the Trestle via E-mail please send an E-mail to:
Organization 2013-2014
(Officers Photo)
Worshipful Master
(Masters Photo)
Bro. Douglas A. Merrick
Dougs Facebook
Senior Warden
Bro. David A. Merrick
Merrick Facebook
Junior Warden
Bro. Christopher W. LaBombard
LaBombard Facebook
Bro. Brian E. Hunt
Brians Facebook
Assistant Treasurer
Wor. Daniel B. Bergeron
Brians Facebook
Secretary (Pro Tem)
Bro. Timothy P. Alexander
Tims Facebook
Assistant Secretary (Pro Tem)
R:.W:. Nicholas J. Mantello
Nicks Facebook
Rt:.Wor:. Franklin P. Stevens
Wor. R. Bradford Columbus
Brads Facebook
Senior Deacon
Bro. Robert H. Banks
Bobs Facebook
Junior Deacon
Bro. Richard E. Revett
Ricks Facebook
Senior Steward
 Bro. Michael A. Lescarbeau.

Junior Steward
 Bro. John M. Harris, Jr.
Chads Facebook
Inside Sentinel
 Bro. Robert P. VanDeusen
Chads Facebook
Bro.Matthew S. McConnell
Johns Facebook
Wor. Charles R. Ransford, Jr.

Bro. Kenneth J. Leclair

Rt:. Wor:. Charles N. Cahoon
C.Cahoon Facebook

Proxy to Grand Lodge
Wor. Frank K. Tatro

Masonic Ambassadors
Bro. Nelson E. Ogert,441-5379
Bro. Frank M. Davignon Jr.
Wor. Daniel B. Bergeron, 663-9743

Finance Committee
Wor. Nelson E. Ogert, Jr. (Chairman) 2015
Bro. Kenneth J. Leclair, 2014.
Bro. Robert H. Banks, 2016.

Representitaves to Masonic Association
Bro. David A. Merrick 2014 (Vice President)
Bro. Kenneth J. Leclair 2015 (President)
Bro. Robert H. Banks 2016
Bro. Jeffery J. Kemp 2017

Past Masters of Our Lodge
President of the Past Masters Association
Rt:. Wor:. Charles N. Cahoon

Rehearsals Mondays at 6:00 P.M. All Officers should attend All Brethren are welcome Dress is come as you are Officers, please contact the Worshipful Master if you can not attend We usualy have fun so come down and join us

Monthly Meetings are the Second Monday at 7:30 P.M.
Monday May 12, 2014 7:30 P.M. Regular Communication Act on any Business that may come before the Lodge Receive any Applications - Receive all Bills Work of the Evening Election of Officers for 2014-2015 Collation to follow Meeting Officers Dress: Tuxedo Brethren: Business Suite
30th Lodge of Instruction Tuesday May 27, 2014 7:30 P.M. "All Officers are required to attend" Location: Williams Lodge, Adams Speaker: T.B.A. Topic: “Membership Programs" Members and Candidates: Business Attire (Coat and Tie please)
Upcoming dates to remember Masters Path: Saturday May 3, 8:30 A.M. to 3 P.M.. East Longmeadow
Dues are now payable online. Use your Debit or Credit Card Please note that before paying your 2014 Dues, your 2013 must be paid. If you pay for 2014, and 2013 are owed, your payment will be applied to 2013 (Please refer to your Dues statement you received in the mail for amount you owe) There is a $2.00 Internet transaction fee applied to payments. Checks are still and always will be welcome. For any questions please email: Secretary@Lafayette-Greylock.Org
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Photos from our 2011 Hill Degree Click on photo below to view the entire album
Photos from our 2013 Hill Degree Click on photo below to view the entire album
Members Receive 50 Year Veterans Medal Rt. Wor. Kevin P. Hamel presented Wor. Edward A. Cancro and Bro. Arthur P. Willey Grand Lodge 50 Year Veterans Award. Rt. Wor. Hamel is the District Deputy Grand Master of the 30th Masonic District. He was assisted by Wor. John R. Demarco, Master of the Lodge "Click on the 50 year Medal below to view the entire album"
Lodge presents Bro. Fred Crosier with 65 year pin Click on photo below to view the entire album
Lodge holds a CPR and AED Training Click on photo below to view the entire album
Masons of the Year for 2011 Bros. Nelson E. Ogert and John E. Midura Congratulations And Thank you for your dedication and hard work
Congratulations Wor. R. Bradford Columbus on receiving the "Joseph Warren Metal" For distinguished service to the Lodge, Church and Community.
Masters Message for May 2014

Greetings from the East, Well spring is upon us, the flowers are blooming and we have started to clean up around the lodge, it is different this year raking with winter coats and mittens on. Is the warm weather ever going to come and stay! I want to welcome our newest Master Masons Bro. Andrew Leo Burdick and Bro. Bradley Montgomery and hope to see them both around the lodge soon. I would like to thank the brethren for all the help they are giving the lodge in both labor and ideas for events at the lodge, all are being consider, and please if you have any ideas for an event please contact me. I want to thank Rt. Wor. Nicholas Mantello and Bro. Timothy Alexander for all their years of service in the lodge as Secretary and Assistant Secretary. The time has come when they both are stepping out of the Office so the Lodge is in need to find someone to take over their duties of Secretary and Assistant Secretary. They are both willing to help train whoever would like to take the Offices. Brethren please try to attend the monthly Meeting and the weekly rehearsal your experience & input is always welcome and appreciated. Fraternally, Douglas A. Merrick Worshipful Master Attest: Bro. Timothy P. Alexander Secretary

Welcome Friends & Brothers

If you are among the initiated I would like to extend warm fraternal greetings from our Lodge to You. If you have not yet joined or think you may have an interest please e-mail me for more information. Freemasonry is one of the oldest Fraternities in the world and is recognized and has Lodges throughout the globe. It is dedicated in making good men better by emphasizing Friendship, Morality and Brotherly Love. We are not a Religion and are not a substitute for one. We accept men from every race, color or creed. Our only requirements are, you are a man of 18 years of age who believes in a Supreme Being the Immortality of the soul and a willingness to help his fellow man. If you think you might like to be associated with men like this you need only ask. R:.W:. Nicholas J. Mantello Secretary Web Master

Grand Master of Masons of Massachusetts
Most Worshipful Harvey J. Waugh 

Click the Massachusetts Freemasons Banner to go to Grand Lodge Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
Click the Grand Lodge Seal to go to the Masonic Education Website Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
District Deputy Grand Master for 30th Masonic Dist. Right Worshipful Mark E. Feder

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