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This Animation Ring site
is owned by _Your_name_here_.

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You have selected choice one to display on your site. Carefully read the following instructions in order to properly implement the code on your site

There are two ways to implement the code on your site. Choose the method that is most preferable to you

Method One: Copy the following HTML fragment onto your page. I suggest that you directly copy the HTML fragment, then paste it on your page. You can place the code on your main page, or perhaps your webrings page, but in any case, make sure that it is easily accessible by people surfing through the webring. Please remember to insert your site ID number where it says _your_id_here_ and your name where it says _your_name_here_ and e-mail address where it says _your_e-mail_address_here_ at the appropriate areas.

Method Two: Another option is to copy the HTML fragment from the e-mail that was just sent to you notifying you of your queue addition (yes, the mail should be in your box by now if everything has been done properly!). The HTML fragment that was sent to you already has all the appropriate insertions except your name. Therefore you will only need to copy and paste the HTML fragment from the e-mail and insert your name where it says "_your_name_here_".

<!-- Begin Animation Ring Fragment -->
<table border=7 cellspacing=7>
<td align=middle>
<font size=2>
<a href="" target="_top">
<img src="" align=left
alt="The Animation Ring" border=0></a>
<td align=middle>
This <a href="" target="_top">Animation Ring</a> site<br>is owned by <a href="mailto:_your_e-mail_address_here_">_Your_name_here_</a>.
[<a href=""
| <a href=""
target="_top">Skip It</a>
| <a href=""
target="_top">Next 5</a>
| <a href=""
| <a href=""
Want to join the ring? Get the <a href=""
<td align=middle>
<a href=""
<img src="" align=right alt="Next page"

If you've inserted the code correctly on your page, then the code should look exactly like the above code except with the appropriate substitutions applicable to you.

If you do not want to use this code, please return back to choose another code to display on your site. Otherwise, if you are satisfied with your choice, please return to The Animation Ring homepage to proceed to step 3 of "Adding New Members to the Ring".

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