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Kiddie Porn


Let's start by analyzing the song: Girl wants commitment from Boy. Boy, typically, wants sex without Girl going all mushy on him. Girl sings song through nostrils.

Now, the video: Girl and Boy laying on floor, groping. Girl presses fake titties into Boy's back, hoping to force the words out of his mouth by applying silicone pressure to his spine. Boy mistakes the threat and attacks Girl. Girl likes it. Boy boinks Girl. Girl lies about it. Song ends.

Ooookay. First of all Britney is lying with her 'honey' in a hammock, then on the floor, his hand glides over her airbrushed thigh. Britney is sitting behind him, forcing silent words through her nose. The spray on tan has returned. Her boyfriend clearly interrupted her while she was applying it, because he was blotchy. The attack begins on land, with him spinning her in the air, and then moves into the water, where she tackles him and attempts to maul him. The spinning continues. By this time, the audience is dizzy, but Britney, lacking any real substance, has yet to comprehend that she won't be able to walk when he puts her back down.

Then he's inside of the cabin grabbing a large bottle of God knows what, but considering it is Britney, it's either Tan in a Can, Weave in a Jar, or Bra Repellent.

Britney misses him terribly while he's away and she consoles herself by innappropriately touching herself. She needs to hear him say, he needs her all the way, but instead his punk ass is out trying to drown himself in the artificial ocean. He doggy paddles in the two inchs of water... and then he's back in the cabin, ready to ram his tounge down Britney's throat.

Even Britney's mom hates this video and the people of Disney and Nickelodeon won't play it. Britney is stranded on some island w/ this guy who looks a lot like the guy from "From The Bottom of my Broken Heart" They have sex all over this island- they're in the water, touching, groping, kissing, licking, biting, raping, plotting, and humping. You never really see the guy's whole face. Suddenly Britney is in a tree. Tease but don't please, good girl.

In the water it looks like Britney shit her pants, the back pockets were the only parts that were wet.

It's dark (wow) and Britney's going one way, Batman the other. More molesting. Shot of Brit's tattoo.

While uttering the haunting line of "I Wanna Feel the Way Ya Feel" she touches her breasts. Yup, that's what he feels alright.

More tree rapeage. Some tit fondling. She is always laying on top of him. It ends with them playing a game of tonsil hockey.

It's kinda funny because Britney knows her slow songs do not do well so that's why she made the video so porn-ish. I really doubt she cares about her under-the-age-of-13 fan base.