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"From    Dust    Into    Stardust"       1998    -    1999    Theme

 Please come back and visit us during the year
 and see how we change "dust" (a plain web page)
 into "stardust" (an adventure into cyberspace)

Welcome to Laureate Delta Sigma

 Welcome to Ocala, Florida's newest Beta Sigma Phi chapter
 Laureate Delta Sigma - formed September 8, 1997.
 This group of 12 very special sisters took the aims and purposes of our sisterhood
 to heart and as a result had a "clean sweep" at the 1998 Florida State Convention.
 We placed first in Chapter Achievement, Yearbook and Scrapbook competitions
 and our Woman of the Year was selected State Laureate Woman of the Year. 
 This fun-loving group of sisters is gearing up for an exciting year ahead.  
 Plans have been made for Chapter Meetings, FUN, Socials, FUN,
 Ways and Means, FUN, Service, FUN convention, and more FUN.
 Join us in the future as we chart our journey and see what
 "From Dust Into Stardust" really means to this chapter.

 Mission Billets - Chapter Officers  1998-1999
 Stardust Fleet Commander - President - Ethel Roberts
 Fleet Lieutenant - Vice-President - Janet Coe
 Fleet Engineer - Recording Secretary - Bev Cress
 Fleet Communications Director - Corresponding Secretary - Joy Spivey
 Fleet Chief Purser - Treasurer - Lilly Yocum
 Fleet Comsat Director - City Council Rep - Carra Davison
 Stardust Fleet Advisor - Past President - Mary Ross
 Deputy Fleet Comsat Director - City Council Alternate - Cindy Bell
 Deputy Fleet Comsat Director - City Council Alternate - Margie Davison
 Committee Chairmen
 Achievement Award - Cindy Bell
 Budget - Lilly Yocum
 Historian - Mary Ross
 Internet - Margie Davison
 Membership - Janet Coe
 Program - Cindy Bell
 Publicity - Joy Spivey
 Remembrance - Margie Davison
 Scrapbook - Mary Ross
 Service - Cindy Bell
 Social - Janet Coe/Ethel Roberts
 Telephone - Willie White
 Ways & Means - Carra Davison
 Yardstick - Ethel Roberts
 Yearbook - Margie Davison/Cindy Bell

Service, Ways & Means and Socials
 Intra-Area Support - Service
 The Service Committee decided to take the dust (all of the bounty we sisters have in our lives)
 and transmute it into stardust (gifts of time, love and support)
 for groups that are in real need of this type of help. 
 Main Project
 Marion County Senior Services
 Make bags and boxes of gifts to be delivered to the homebound seniors.
 Minor Projects
 Arnette House - make bags of personal hygiene items to be given to children without a home.
 Rape and Crisis/Spouse Abuse - gifts for children's birthdays
 Salvation Army - fill Christmas stockings
 Interfaith - Thanksgiving food
 Marion County Division of Forestry - water and Gatorade for fire fighters
 Stardust Fleet Activities - Ways & Means
 Last year our Ways & Means activities were so successful - and so
 much fun - that the committee decided to make another stellar year
 of fundraising by repeating many of them.
 Major Project
 Garage Sale - Saturday, November 7, 6AM, Margie Davison's home
 Minor Projects
 Chapter Meeting Raffles
 Jacksonville Area Meeting - Beta Sigma Phi throw raffle/Pamper Yourself Bath Basket raffle
 Autumn Withceree - fall wreath raffle
 Pledge Banquet - Holiday Baked Goods Basket raffle
 Founder's Day Banquet - Pasta Dinner Basket raffle
 Unit Deployments - Socials
 August 30 - Odyssey Launch into Comet Wild-2 Debriefing
 September 13 - The Stars Turn One - Happy Birthday Party
 October 24 - Starlit Anniversary Celebration for Our Envoys
 December 12 - Twinkling Christmas Stars Dinner
 January 16 - Hayride Under the Stars
 February 6 - Star of the Night Sweetheart Cocktail Party
 March ? - Surprise for the Sisters
 April 10 - All Star Crazy Bridge
 May 1 - Running for a Halo of Roses Derby Day Party
 May 8 - A Star for Our Mothers - Luncheon
 June 12 - Fun Under the Sun and Stars

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