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CDH: Citizens Demand Hanson


This is my least favorite subject. I don't spend any time on haters other than the 10 minutes I took to create this little page in my vast website. The only reason I'm bringing it up is to help us all deal with them. If you are a hater reading this, I just want to say that's fine that you've got your oppinion. All I ask is that you respect our's.

With most haters, such as the ones on the internet, just ignore them. They are only trying to get you riled up and they certainly aren't worth your time. I couldn't care less if they want to run around like idiots saying "Hanson sucks" or "they're girls." It's their waste of time, not your's.

Yet there is a second type of hater- the ones in high places. I'm sure you've experienced or at least heard of some idiot DJ who refuses to play Hanson just because they don't want to. Well, who gives a @#$% what they want to hear? We're the listeners and we want to hear Hanson! If you know of any DJs or companys or whatever who have that kind of Hanson bashing behavior,
Let me know! I'll list them here and we'll put a stop to it.

Don't believe the fans can make a difference? Well, read these
success stories!

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