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CDH: Citizens Demand Hanson


These are links that you can go to to help make Hanson even more popular. Some are ways to contact important people like Rosie O'Donnel and MTV, some are links where you can vote for them to win awards and such, and others are radio stations so you can request them and make them go up the charts.

Click here for Total Request!! Very Important!!
Hey, listen up!!!!
I have a mission and I want you to be a part of it!!! We really need to get Hanson back on "Total Request." Just click on the image above and it will take you directly to where you need to go. Request all five videos every day. It's not so hard! I can do it! Please, this is really important- Hanson needs you! Please give this much back to them!!!

Radio Stations:

Z100 (100.3fm)

102.3 "The Planet" at WSSN
E-mail them and request Hanson/tell them to stop playing this commercial that disses Hanson!

100 WKEE

KZZP Arizona
E-mail Requests

Star 100.7 San Diego, California

KSEQ 97.1 Fresno, California

B96 Chicago, Illinois
E-mail Requests

101.9 the Mix Chicago, Illinois

E-mail "All Hits 98.9" in the Quad Cities(Illinois)

99Q Quincy, Illinois This station is mean to Hanson!
Request in the chatroom or under "contacting us"

KROC Rochester, Minnesota

WA1A 107.1 Melbourne, Florida
E-mail Requests

E-mail Requests for 98.5 KRZ Pennsylvania

E-mail Requests for Hot97 Pennsylvania

Star 104 Eerie, Pennsylvania
E-mail Requests

KQXY 94.1 Beaumonte, Texas This station is mean to Hanson!

106.1 Kiss Dallas, Texas

92.9 KNIN Witchita Falls, Texas
E-mail Requests

K104 Poughkeepsie, New York
E-mail Requests

Star 94 FM Atlanta, Georgia
Hey, they have Hanson pictures here!
E-mail Requests

Y-105 Augusta, Georgia
E-mail Requests

Kiss 108 FM Boston, Massachusetts
Request Hanson at Kiss FM

W&JM Jammin 92.3 Cleveland, Ohio
Go to "The Music" and then "Make Your E-Quest Here" to vote for Hanson.

KHKS 106.1 Kiss FM Dallas, Texas
Go to "E-mail" to request Hanson.

Z104 Norfolk, Virginia

Z104 Madison, Wisconsin
This is my radio station so you have to vote here!

E-mail Requests for Y-100 FM Miami, Florida

Z100 New York, New York
E-mail Requests

Q102 Philladelphia, Pennsylvania

KHits 106.9 FM Tulsa, Oklahoma
E-mail Requests

KKRZ Z-100 Portland, Oregon

E-mail requests for C100

Important People:

Rosie O'Donnel's Mailbox:
Thank her for having Hanson as guests and that you want to see them on the show again!

E-mail Lesley (of the magazine "YM") and tell her that you want to see Hanson on the cover and more articles about them.

MTV Live
E-mail "MTV Live" to thank them for having Hanson as guests and that you just gotta see more of them on MTV!


The voting page for USA WEEKEND'S Celebrity A List

Entertainment Awards
Vote for Hanson under "Best Group" and "Best Song: Group."

People Online | Intriguers Poll 1998
Hanson is listed in the left-hand column toward the bottom.

Battle of the Bands Archives
There are two different "battles" Hanson is in. The first is "Hanson vs. Manson" and the second is vs. 'N Sync.

King and Queen of You Sexy Thing! on TVGEN
You check the box to the right of Taylor's picture, but don't worry, you're voting for all three.

Teen People Top Ten List
There's a new list about every week and they almost always have Hanson involved in some way.


Thanks for requesting, that's all for now.

IF YOU HAVE ANY MORE TO ADD, PLEASE E-MAIL ME!!!! We really need more!!!


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