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CDH: Citizens Demand Hanson

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...You are so cool for coming here! Now let me tell you about "Citizens Demand Hanson!"...

The deal is, we all could use some more Hanson in our lives, so I decided to create this organization to make Hanson even more popular. All you have to do to join is put your e-mail address in the ListBot mailing list space and click "Join List. It will then ask you a few questions about yourself like your name. (Please use your real first and last name, not something like "Mrs. Taylor Hanson" or anything)" If the form doesn't work for you, (please try first!) just E-mail me with your info.

When you join, you will begin receiving newsletters (don't worry, they aren't too frequent). You will be assigned a radio station. It is your job then, to request Hanson from them as much as humanly possible. Once I have enough members, you may be chosen to win a certain prize for being the devoted Hanson fan you are, such as a sound clip or cool picture, but they will always be different.

But wait! Don't think you can just send in your name and get stuff, you have to be a devoted member of the organization. Get others to join, Let me know of haters to deal with and other places to request Hanson, request as much as possible, and always defend Hanson. They are three talented, nice, smart people who deserve a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T for once, and we're here to give it to them!

Are you with me? Good! Now join!

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It's important that you put this on your page so that more people can find CDH. Thanks!

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