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Okay, I just want to say that none of the things here are meant to offend anyone especially Hanson. Most of these were sent in by other people and I never was able to see if they were true or not. If you think something's not true, just let me know. I will start being more choosey about which ones are in here so you don't have to get all upset, k? Good.

~Have you ever noticed that Ike's guitar always matches what he's wearing?

~In "Tulsa, Tokyo, & the Middle of Nowhere," the part where they're in France, in a two-second clip, Taylor comes up to the camera and says "Mona Lisa!" in a weird voice.

~In the song "Madeline," you can hear Ike say "complicated" twice. At 2:47 and then again exactly 10 seconds later.

~In the MMMBop video, there's a part where the band is with Einstein. But Hanson has more in common with him than that: Taylor's birthday is March 14, and so is Einstein's! Also, he once said "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds." Wow, was that quote made for Hanson haters or what??

~In the song "Cried" at about 2:00, you can hear them singing "oooooohhh oooooohhhh ooooooohhh no no no no no!" Sound familiar? That was what they were singing in TT&MON before Zac started screaming! (thanks Elijah, I wouldn't have noticed that without you!)

~I have heard that chewing gum helps Zac relax.

In the "Where's the Love" video if you look closely there is a lady with a green hat thing and she walks up and down the steps where Hanson is singing like seven times.

~I dunno if this is supposed to be WEIRD but in the WEIRD video when they are underwater Taylor has different shoes on and there is an orange sticker tag on the bottom of his left shoe...

~When they are in the recording studio when they r listening to look at you, right before the camera goes off Tay he starts " Dancing".

In some parts of the concert at the becan in NY from T,T,&MON the drumming doesn't match the sound of the drums.

In the Wheres the Love Video When Tay sings Segregated, he lips...Sparated!

At the end of Opra When Hanson stands up Tay waves then looks down and sees that his boxers are showing, he quickly pulls them up! heheh

In T,T,& MON when Ike goes "And welcome to, Hansons tour of london........" U can see what I think is the Grandmother or something carrying Mac!

In T,T&MON when they all jump off of that cliff thing, they all yell " Cawabunga!" or howeva u spell that!

When they were on "Good Morning America" During " Run Rudolph Run" Ike says a wrong word and messes up that phrase and then Tay comes in late saying "Run Run Rudolph"

During "I will come to you" at live @ the 10 spot, at the end tay goes "When the night no light no guide you..." He messed up the parts!

During the advertisements for the Hanson live @ the 10 sopt thingy, u could tell that Zac had lost a tooth on the right.

~Zac chews gum (strawberry or red) almost everwhere!

~In the song "Baby You're So Fine" (off of second independently released album, "MMMBop") They use this thing to alter their voices like in "Man From Milwaukee" (maybe it's a magaphone?) to sing the "The sun will rise for you..." part. In the middle of the song, you can hear Ike using it and he says two things: the first one I can't tell, but the second one is "Clean-up on Isle three" (??!)

~In Regis and Kathy Lee, when they are talking about how to pronounce MMMBop, after Ike says "or M-M-M-B-o-p or..." then he makes this really funny noise.

~In TT&MON when they are in the studio recording Look At You, Jessica is at the left side and she's dancing with something in her hand.

~when on the ttmon they are feeding the fish you can see the little ones of the Hanson family and when they are at the air port.

~In TT&MON when they are in the car when Tay goes "That Rox!" he looks like he's crying.

~In the opera house, you can see pregnant Diana in a blue denim shirt and red pants.

~I noticed that when in the album Three Car Garage, you can hear someone say "We're recording", on the song MMMBop.

~TT&MON: You can see mother Diana when Hanson is recording look at you, it looks like she is dancing.

~TT&MON: When they finish doing the oooos, and me you're foolin', it shows behind Zac, a woman that is naked in a picture, with her important parts covered.

~In MMMBop, Zac chews gum.

~You can see Jessica in Germany, I think at the airport or something.

~In TT&MON Ike pulls up his socks while Tay is talking.

~This is what I heard...I heard you could see Tay's boxers in the Where's The Love video.

~At the Grammy's Hanson was sitting behind Paula Cole.

~Have you ever noticed, always, they interperet each other?

~Zac has a cold sour in some parts of TT&MON

~JAY LENO: Tay plays with his tail.

~Zac drops his drumstick at the Grammys.

~TT&MON: When Tay says: "There were hands grabbing, oh, sh*t, it was so amazing."
(Hmm, that's what it sounded like, but he probably didn't mean it!)

in TT&TMONwhen they are singing look at you, Taylor's jeans are ripped by the knees.

In the original "Where's the Love Video", at the end Zac sings Taylor's part.

In TT&MON, when Isaac is saying this is Tiepai, you can hear Zac and Tay arguing in the backround.

in TT&MON, when they are talking about the redwoods, when Zac says to Ike, "come see grandpa redwood," he says "redwood" a few seconds after he says "grandpa."

in TT&MON, when you see a short lady with long blonde hair, like in the redwood part and others, thats their mom.(a girls website has their mom in it and its her.)

When they are singing in the opera house, just before they sing, when the camera is going around them, at the beginning you can see Mackenzie sitting on a bench or something.

In TT&MON when they are getting ready for the Toronto concert and are sitting behind the door, you can hear their dad saying, have fun.

In TT&MON when Tay and Ike are telling us what they'll be doing in the "MMMBop" video, you can hear Zac in the backroud saying "How can you look through this thing?"

At the end of TT&MON right before the concert, when they say "bye" Zac jets off really fast.(he runs)

In TT&MON at the very very end during the credits, when Zac is talking, in the backround you can see that Tay is drinking diet Coke.

have you noticed that every where tay sits, he spreads his legs apart really far? not that its bad cause I personally like it.

~OK well I really don't wanna put Tay down or anything considering he's one of my favorites but.... have u ever noticed that in like all the talk shows and everytime he sits, he sits with his legs spread and his hands between his legs? And then every now and again u see his hands move and him smile! It's like grousome but true! Sorry!!!
***Editor's note: Yeah, actually I have noticed! But Tay's not like Pee Wee Herman, he wouldn't do that in public! Anyway, he'd be in jail right now if he did. But I must admit, whatever he's doing looks strange. (he'd be so embarassed if he ever saw this! good thing he won't)***

~Ok well have u ever noticed that Tay always cusses? He is a typical teen!

~On TT&MON in the MMMBop video Zac is playing the drums and he gives us a wierd look and on TT&MON at the first of the the movie Tay jumps up and down like a rabbit.

~In Cried, (the song) 'goodbye is said 30 times. In Weird (the video, when they r just getting on the bus you can see a lady with red and black hair (short). She is on the video "Then the lights go out" by five! And guess what? She is wearing the same thing!

Catch something I didn't? Tell me about it!

Oh, and I just want to point out, not to be mean or anything, but some of you people have grammar like first-graders (sorry if you're a first-grader). Please try to use capitols in the right place and the right spelling and punctuation and stuff, okay? Thank you :)

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