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~The Leaders in Advocacy Stand Together Mentors Program~

~For Your Information (Notices & Announcements)~

~Legal Advisory Service~

The 'Leaders in Advocacy Stand Together' Mentors Program
This Program is Sponsored by The Pre-Law Society(student org.), Career Services, Internship Office and Alumni Office of Brooklyn College

The L.A.S.T. Mentors Program will enable the law society's alumni and law professionals to aide existing members in the areas of academia, leadership, law school and career choices. You and your mentee will be matched by the executives of the organization based on common and diverse interests. The time that you will need to spend with your mentee is mutally agreed amongst you and your protege`.

The mentor program will not only serve as a "big brother/big sister" service to the mentees but it will provide a network that will benefit both the mentees and the mentors.

This program will commence in the Fall of 1998. All participants must sign a contract of committment to the program. In December 1998 all of the participants will meet for the first time at a Holiday Dinner.

*member of the Law Society
*Brooklyn College student

*available time to devote to your mentee
*you must be a Partner/Associate of a law firm OR law school representative OR representative of a politically and/or socially active organization OR Brooklyn College alumnus

If you are interested in participating please contact us at our email or mail address.


LSAT Test Dates
September 26, 1998
December 5, 1998
February 6, 1999

1998 Law School Forums
Boston, MA: October 30 & 31 for more locations check out the LSAT/LSDAS registration site

Join The Future Lawyers Alliance Network (a separate entity of the Law Society). Visit their site at


This service began in May of 1998. The Legal Advisory Service enables pre-law students to gain hands-on experience at understanding client/counselor confidentiality, communicating effectively and learning the basics about a specific area of law.

The pre-law students are trained, in length, by our Coordinator for two weeks to practice their "people" skills and the legal areas through simulated sessions.

The specialty areas of this service are: Civil/Small Claims Court procedures, Landlord/Tenant disputes, Formulating a Contract and Sexual Harassment Complaints.

This service will take place from our office located at Brooklyn College (0700 James Hall) or you can email us at for online assistance.