Are you interested in having honest maintenance representation of your Learjet?

If so, you have come to the right place. My name is Ronald Polesky, and for the last 15 years, I've specialized in Learjets, recently representing clients during thier maintenance through out the United States.
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As a TOP-RATED Learjet inspector/mechanic I mediate the virtual sale and or maintenance of Learjets for the buyer or the seller during the prepurchase inspection, maintenance and manditory inspections of all series Learjets. You get the most out of your maintenance dollars. Honest maintenance representation for your aircraft that you can trust.


I travel to all facilities and service centers to monitor the prepurchase, maintenance, inspections and any descripencies found during the project through out the United States. No more un-needed maintenance. No more unfair labor quotes. I will save you thousands in dollars.


I perform current log book reviews to acknowledge all previous inspections and maintenance has been performed. I research all applicable AD notes and S/Bs for compliance. I stay with the aircraft up to 10 hours a day.


When I worked for a major business jet manufacture, I was always amazed when I saw a senior maintenance person on-site during the entire time that their aircraft was in heavy maintenance, interior installation or major refurbishment. The travel expensense alone seemed way to high compared with the potentional savings.

Expenses today run about $350 per day plus airfare perhaps $1750 to $3500 per week. If the aircraft is heavy maintenance for six weeks, that adds up to about $12,000, so where are the savings? Consider what happens when a part is found that does not meet specifications. The choices are simple - repair, overhaul, exchange, new generic part or new OEM part. Absent imput from you, the maintenance organization will make the choice that maximizes their profit and minimizes their risk, which usually means installing a new OEM part. With you or one of your deputies on the scene, you can make a decision that can give you the same quality at a lower cost (i.e. to repair or exchange the componet). Similar choices apply to Service Bulletins and other tasks ecnountered. In all cases, a decision must be made and if you are not there, the maintenance orginazation will make the decision for you. The result will still be a quality product, but the cost will be higher.

A chief pilot once told me, "We never saved less than twice what it cost us to send someone with the aircraft and usually it's a lot more".


I am very well experienced in all series of Learjets. I have formal Flight Safety training and certificated in Lear 60 - 50 - and 30 series aircraft. I also have extensive time and experience on 20 series with outstanding troubleshooting abilities.

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As you will see by my resume, I have excelled in "hot seat" jobs in which one error of judgment can result in multimillion-dollar liability I have performed calmly in situations that involved great emotional stress. I am accustomed to working in environments in which nothing is "routine" during the day except an attitude of constant vigiliance and attention to details. While thriving in the challenge of such positions, I have ivated an attitude in which I view every problem as an opportunity for improving internal operations, and I have always instilled in my associates a belief that "Quantity and Quality production result in customer satisfaction."

For the Last 14 years, I've been a lead mechanic /inspector in charge of all phases of maintenance and completion of Learjets for Learjet Inc. in Tucson and Ft. Lauderdale. Most recently I held the duties and coordination of Customer Service Rep. for 14 months before a corportate-wide reduction. Mainly I perform, organize and tracked the required maintenance generated through inspections from work crews and customer descrepencies.

Don't forget to see the last page Fees and Stipulation for information on a New Program to Track Learjet 20 Series Maintenance. Soon to come is 30 and 50 series. This program is very easy to use

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Ronald Polesky
6917 Smithfield Rd.
406-422-0985 CELL: 406
North Richland Hills, TX 76180
United States