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Welcome to Lemon_Toucan's Playground. You can check out bands I'm obsessed with, and for my stalkers I've got a little bit of info about myself. Thank you and have a nice day, please drive thru!

My Stuff

drang obligacion COMPULSION costrizione: Links, sounds, movies about Compulsion, a band definitely worth checking out
Red Aunts: Punk may be dead, but the Red Aunts are the coolest pseudo punk band I've heard in a while
More Fun Than Shaving a Cat: Links, stuff to download, and other assorted shite
Get Hooked Up With the 411: All about Lemon Toucan
Porn, Credit Card and Social Security Numbers: XXX CLICK HERE!!! XXX
Photos: Photographs for the enjoyment and embarrassment of all!

Click on These

Bungalo13's Sailor Moon 101 Page
Gliterrboy's FUN FUN Page!
The Cutest Commercial Enterprise; Sanrio!
xtreme design: My brother is exercising his first amendment rights on the internet
mu-sly: Music creation by digital sonic experimentation

is the number of the house where drums are beating; it's a trip for the ravers and an air-raid for the neighbors!

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