Anime quotes
Note: I haven't watched any anime series for quite a long time and some of these I haven't seen at all. I used to like anime (Japanese cartoons), now I no longer do, but I seem to have accumulated quite a few quotes from various sources...

Sailor Moon

You think the paperboy has a crush on you just because he rides past your door every morning! -Mina

You can be whatever you want to be. As long as you don't borrow my clothes. -Serena's mother

If you fight hard, you might lose some weight! -Luna

Ten young men and women playing cards. It's so healthy I'm scared. -Artemis

We don't have time to be dead! Let's get cracking! -Ami

Laugh while you can, Chibi-Usa. The dentist's office is a horrible, horrible place. If you think you'll be coming back from there alive, you're mistaken, big time! -Usagi

Being a human takes effort and guts. 'Giving up' are the words I hate the most! -Minako

Why does the morning have to come so early? -Usagi

Serena: Is it the WORLD that's going bonkers or is it ME?!
Serena's mother: It's you, dear. Go take a nap.

Sailor Moon: I'm the real, the original, the one and only, for love and justice, the sailor suited beautiful fighter Sailor Moon! In place of the moon, I'll punish you!
Chibi Moon: You're late!

Rei: Mina... you're acting strangely today...
Minako: Of course I'm strange! Strange is fine! Cock-a-doodle-doo!

Luna: Serena, lower the decibals!
Serena: I like the decibals right where they are!

Raye: Chad, how'd you get down here?

Minako: Feel the throbbing of my heart, Artemis! Otonaru-kun... Could this be my first love?
Artemis: Your 2981st.

Kodomo no Omocha (Child's Toy)

Good kids don't point fireworks at people! -Babbit

Quitting what you wanna do for something else you wanna do has gotta be wrong. -Sana

What's wrong with being cute AND bossy? -Sana

After all this, something good will happen. Probably. Well, possibly. Well, maybe. It'll be nice if that happens! -Rei

You ended up with a twisted smile again. -Babbit

And if your happy days are ruined, well, if they're destroyed... just build them up again. -Hayama

It's scary when the quiet kids snap! -Gomi

I'm working. If you disturb me, I'll whack you on the forehead. -Mama

Hisae-chan's mad. Be afraid! -Babbit

Do it irresponsibly with a lot of effort! -Mama

I feel sad when I see a gloomy guy like you. Now, let's solve the problem and get happy! -Sana

You can't heal heartache with a bandaid. That's what you're trying to do, right? -Mama Why don't you guys take a look in the mirror, and see what it looks like to have NO brains at all. -Sana

That serious scene only lasted four seconds! -Babbit

I'm gonna make you crack a smile yet, because life is fun! -Sana

Drive safely but recklessly! -Mama

You are the type of person who says you want the article, but deep inside you really want to wait longer. -Mama (using personality calculator)

Mama (using personality calculator): It says I'm like an angel.
Rei: That's a lie. Let me see it.

Rei: Please stop it, sensei. You're making dents all over the walls!
Mama: We can rebuild our house!
Rei: You say it so easily...

Hayama: Sorry to have troubled you.
Sana: Hm? Oh, that's you trying to say thank you. I see, I see, you're welcome! An interpreter would be nice...

Hayama's Dad: Sana-chan again. Wow, she's on a lot. Come on by the house next time.
Hayama: Don't talk to the TV.

Mama: When you were a baby, I used to throw you 3 metres up into the air, and you loved it.
Rei: 3 metres?!
Sana: That baby wasn't having fun! It was scared out of its mind!

Sana: Eye for eyeball! Tooth for toothball!
Rei: What's a 'toothball'?

Natsumi: It's my first time making it, so I can't guarantee it'll be good or anything.
Hayama: I know.
Natsumi: What's that supposed to mean?!

Sana: Why are you running away? It's me, it's me!
Hayama: You answered your own question.

Hayama: Tomorrow's your birthday, right? Here.
Sana: AAAH, that's the 5 yen you picked up off the ground yesterday! Cheap, you're way too cheap! In this day and age, what can you buy with five yen? It doesn't even cover tax!

Mama: I'll teach you something good. Keep men who seem to be enamoured of you.
Sana: Keep?
Mama: And you keep them in the palm of your hand, and when they develop into good men, you let them become your lovers.
Babbit: That's not the kind of thing you should teach!

Student: Sana-chan is calling the boy's bathroom stupid...

Hayama: Well... sorry...

Card Captor Sakura

Do Japanese panthers have wings?! -Meiling

Girls are scary when theyíre angry! -Kero

The greatest happiness for me is to let the person I most like have the most happiness. -Tomoyo

I have never dreamed that I would be chased by a piano... -Tomoyo

Right now, 2/3 of the cats on Earth are aliens. -Yamazaki

I know! You must be hungry! No wait, thatís me. -Yukito

Yuki, have some antidote before you leave. -Touya (as Yukito eats Sakuraís cooking)

You're exploding with cuteness! -Tomoyo

In the old days, it wasnít easy to eat strawberries. Strawberries used to be different and had legs to run around, so people werenít able to catch a lot of them. And for those who really wanted to eat strawberries, they had to chase after them, which is why itís called a Ďstrawberry huntí. -Yamazaki

Chiharu: Then Iíll make some desserts for Yamazaki too.
Yamazaki: Then I better pray again!

Sakura: I have an idea, Kero-chan.
Kero: A menu for dinner?

Love Hina

Donít touch me! What if I catch bad grades from you?! -Naru

I am the daughter of a financial groupís CEO who was taken control of by turtles that came from space and came here to rest at the sanitarium next door, right? -Otohime

Su-chan, if you stay in a place like this, youíll be infected with his stupidity. -Naru

I looked at tomorrowís schedule and it was 48 hoursí worth! -Narusegawa

Stalker Turtle! -Kitsune

When the money is gone, itís time to break the ties. Bye bye! -Narusegawa

Excavating wonít always get you what you want. Maybe after digging, nothing will come out at all. Thatís why I love it. Because if we donít try, we would never find anything. -Seta

Feel the wrath of the minor characters! -Haitani/Shirai

If the turtle is causing that much trouble, then Iíll just eat him for you very soon! -Su

Otohime: You have a cute face. Are you in middle school?
Keitaro: IíM 20 YEARS OLD!

Shinobu: She looks troubled.
Su: Could it be that sheís hungry?

Keitaro: Narusegawa has a legitimate reason for trying for Tokyo University.
Mei: You mean for guys?

Narusegawa: Why did you come with me?
Kitsune: No reason!... we ran out of sake...

Rurouni Kenshin

Well, I donít normally fight with morons. -Sano

You can always die. Itís living that takes courage. -Kenshin

Donít be angry. Only strong people can bet their lives for pride. Itís not necessary to have that pride or honour for only letting life pass... -Hajime

With a face like yours, heíd run over broken glass to get away from you. -Yahiko

Challenge me if you dare!! *door swings open* They DO?! -Yahiko

What you call peace is only conveniently packaged nonsense, nothing more. -Shishio

My luckís been so bad at dice lately that I canít even eat. Someone give me some luck, please! If you do, Iíll bring you something nice... for now, just put it on my tab. -Sano praying

Kenshin would never use the weak as a shield like you do! Instead, he chose to become that shield! -Sano

Too complex... -Sano (trying to drink soup with a spoon)

They made fun of me and then didn't invite me to get drunk with them! -Misao

Forget the most important person in my life? Where's the happiness in that? -Misao

At the bottom of my grave I'm digging myself another one... -Nobuhiro Watsuki (Kenshin creator)

Makimachi Misao does not give her name to strangers! -Misao

Itíd be impossible to eat all Kaoruís cooking if you werenít starving! -Yahiko

Your body might have recovered but your mouth is still in critical condition! -Kaoru

Today being such a special and romantic day for a woman... and he brings me a CATFISH!! -Kaoru

My beauty is so critical! Waaaaaaaah! -Kaoru

Be nicer, you troll! -Yahiko

Sano: Now thereís no chance of you getting lost!
Yahiko: *Youíre* the one who does that!

Sano: Iíll take care of the money.
Kenshin: Oro?
Yahiko: You sure about that, Sanosuke?
Kaoru: And I have to loan it to you, right?

Kenshin: Itís some kind of wooden sword, isnít it?
Kaoru: Itís a fishing rod.

Yahiko: What did you say, you hag?!
Kaoru: You mean Ďsenseií!

Kaoru: We follow them, of course!
Sano: This plan is really bad... sounds good!

Sano: Well, books I ainít so good at, donítcha think?
Yahiko: Exactly! Youíre forever the retard fighter.

Yahiko: Everyoneís good at something, even an old toad like you.
What was that for?! That was a compliment!
Kaoru: Yahiko! With that attitude, youíll never get a girlfriend!
Yahiko: Yeah, well no man with eyes would ever marry you!

Kaoru: Hey, how come youíre only eating her side of the food? My side hasnít been touched!
Yahiko: No one wants to die!

Gundam Wing

Battle with no respect is but a massacre. That is why all the wars in the past have been tragic. -Treize

A battle is beautiful because it is fought. -Une

The necessity for bloodshed to achieve peace is a tyrantís reasoning. -Relena

Until now I have resisted my fate to die. And Iíll just have to resist it again. -Trowa

Itís sad. A woman who canít cry. -Trowa

No, death and destruction are not the fault of war. The enemy that we have to defeat is in our hearts! -Dorothy

Death is a gift given at birth. -Dorothy

You should have shown the whole of humanity a war so tragic that they would never want to see any fighting ever again! -Dorothy

Oh, man, Quatre loves to blame himself for everything if you let him. Sooner or later, he'll start saying that there's no air in space because he didn't work on it hard enough. -Duo

You could have told me you were sleeping. -Duo

The strong create the weak! -Zechs

My mama told me real men don't scream. -Duo

Iíll defeat evil on an equal footing! -Wufei

If that was a joke, it sucked. -Duo

Peace is not something that someone gives to you. -Relena

I just want to know if peace built on sacrifice is just?! -Wufei

The tragedy called history will just be repeated. -Heero


When you say 'nothing' with a face like that, it's like you're saying, 'Look at me, please, worry about me please.' -Misato Katsuragi

It's stupid to go into a fight expecting to die. Men call it "heroic", but you've gotta forget about that bull. -Lina

Could you yell a little quieter? -Joe

I've got no choice... I didn't want to use this technique, but... "Saotome Anything-Goes Martial Arts Final Attack!" Ready... set... RUN AWAY! -Ranma

Ryoga can't find his way to the bathroom without getting lost. -Ranma

Mitsuru: Like this twig that so easily snaps... *pause for five minutes while Mitsuru tries valiantly to break the twig, finally pulling out a chainsaw...*

Would you PLEASE stop taunting the deranged android?! -Joe

If I had known I was gonna die today, I wouldn't have done all that homework over vacation! -Tenchi

Mitsukake, your catís floating! -Hotohori

You two calling her name won't solve a thing. -Nuriko

Colour me cynical, but nothing surprises me about this place -Joe

It's safe enough kid, whaddya want, to live forever? -James

It worked like a charm because I'm so charming! -Jessie

Lineage, social statusÖwhy should such things matter so much? That's how grown-ups are. If that's soÖ I'd be happier being a child, never, ever growing up. -Washu

I suppose it's a little late now to be saying, "Sorry, it doesn't work!" -Misato

Yolei: I could just hug him all day!
Cody: He's not an accordian, Yolei.

Phone 1: At the tone the time will be exactly 45 miles per hour and 90 seconds.
Tai: Something's wrong or Mom's flipped.
Phone 2: Tomorrow's forecast calls for clear skies with occasional ice cream.
Mimi: What do you wear for that?
Phone 3: This number only exists in your imagination. Please hang up and don't call back.
Matt: What planet did I dial?

Izzy: The fog's clearing!
Joe: Great, now we can clearly see we're lost.

Miaka: Excuse me, the skin on your face is coming off. Are you alright?
Chichiri: It's all right. I have a spare!

TK: They'll never make it through all that rubble.
-Davis and Ken run through it effortlessly-
Yolei: I suppose Davis and Ken didn't hear you.

Kari: Move aside. This is a woman's job.
TK: Too bad we don't have a woman here to do it.

Davis: That's right! One for all and all for me!
TK: I... don't think that's how it goes.

Brock: You directed my favourite movie of all time, "I saw what you ate last Tuesday"!
Katrina: Wow, you wrote that?! I almost saw that one!

Jessie: There was something that prevented me from having friends when I was a little girl.
James: It must have been your personality!

Guy: WHAAAT?! You were in Body-ko's house and you didn't try anything?!
Tsutomu: Well, there wasn't really the mood...

Fuu: The monster is very resistant to our attacks.
Umi: This isn't the time to be complimenting it!

Akane: I'll have you know, he ate my cooking and he said it was good!
Ranma: That explains why he looks half dead!

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