Dru Sexy

"ooh (boy) you're so fine
can i get a minute of your time
i wanna get to know ya
maybe later on up in my crib i'll get ta show ya..."

DAMN, he got it goin' on...til' the breaka breaka dawn :o)


Sisqo, you are the strength of the group...the strength of passion...the strength of voice..and the strength of being an individual.

I admire you for that.(love that tattoo on your bellybutton, so sexy)

Sisqo Facts

You just can't get enough of this man........

My favorite Sisqo verse:

"See i've been waiting for a love like your's to come and knock at my door, so tell me what you're looking for baby. see i've been searching for a lifetime, just to be in love again so take my hand and let me lead the way..." --Share my world

"After 13 years of singing with his church gospel choir and listening to only gospel music, Sisqo began singing along with the popular music on his radio and discovered his passion for the likes of Jodeci, Intro, Take 6, Faith and Boyz II Men. Sisqo became a student of music, studying everything from Mozart to rock n' roll to hip hop. "I like everything. I like the complexity of Mozart and the versatility of Intro's soulful grooves and smooth harmonies," says Sisqo. "I tend to be the trendy one in the group. I like what's popular." Describing himself as a "sweet, yet strong" singer, the former dancer sings at the top, plays keyboard and bass and is involved in the arrangement and production." --Polygram Records