Characters From Jude Deveraux's Books

The Enchanted Land: Morgan Wakefield and Seth Colter.

The Black Lyon: Lady Lyonene and Earl Ranulf de Warbrooke.

Velvet Promise: Judith Revedoune and Gavin Montgomery - 1501

Highland Velvet: Bronwyn MacArran and Stephen Montgomery - 1501

Casa Grande: Laura Taylor

Velvet Song: Alyx Blackett and Raine Montgomery -1502

Velvet Angel: Elizabeth Chatworth and Myles Montgomery - Christiana ? and Roger Chatworth - 1502

Sweetbriar: Linnet and Devon - 1784

Counterfeit Lady: Nicole Courtelain and Clayton Armstrong - 1794

Twin of Ice: Houston Chandler and Kane Taggert - 1892

Twin of Fire: Blair Chandler and Leander (Lee) Westfield -1892

Lost Lady: Regan Weston and Travis Stanford

River Lady: Leah Simmons and Wesley Stanford -1803

The Temptress: Christiana Montgomery Mathison and Tynan - 1896

The Raider: Jessica Taggert and Alexander Montgomery - 1766

The Princess: Aria and J.T. Montgomery - 1942

Wishes: Nellie Grayson and Jace Montgomery - 1896

The Awakening: Amanda Caulden and Henry Montgomery - 1913

The Maiden: Princess Jura and Rowan

A Knight In Shining Armor: Nicholas Stafford and Dougless Montgomery - England 1988 and 1564

The Taming: Liana Neville and Rogan Peregrine - 1445

Mountain Laurel: Maddie Worth and Christopher Hring ('Ring) Montgomery - 1859

The Duchess: Claire Willoughby and Trevelyan MacArran - 1883

The Conquest: Zared Peregrine and Tearl Howard -1447

Eternity: Carrie Montgomery and Joshua Greene Templeton -1865

Sweet Liar: Samantha Elliot and Michael Taggert -1991

The Invitation:
"The Invitation" - Jackie O'Neill and Billy Montgomery.
"Matchmakers" - Kane Taggert.
"A Perfect Arrangement" - Dorie Lathem and Cole Hunter.

Remembrance: Hayden Lane - Callie and Tallis - Lady Catherine de Grey.

A Holiday Of Love: "Change Of Heart" Randy Stowe - Frank Taggert

The Heiress: Axia Lancaster and Jamie Montgomery

A Gift Of Love: "Just Curious" - Karen Lawrence and McAlister Taggert

Legend: Elizabeth Kady Long and Cole Jordan - 1873

An Angel For Emily: Emily Jane Todd and Michael

Upon A Midnight Clear: "The Teacher" Kathryn and Cole Jordan.

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