Fort Devens 
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Fort Devens was where I learned to "take" Morse Code.  I started out in Ditty school, which is where I met Jerry, my husband.  At the end of ten weeks, you had to be able to take Morse Code at a certain rate per minute.  At that point, Jerry , who hated taking dits, decided to leave Devens and AIT and go on to doing something else.  He received orders for Augsburg Germany, and left in March of 1974.  He came back on leave in May and we got married in the chapel on post.  Chaplain Fly married us in front of an congregation of about 25 people, give or take.   Jerry only had a couple of weeks leave, so everything was done in a hurry.  Our "reception" was in the Denny's in Fitchburg.  My "something borrowed" was my wedding gown! <G>  Some start, huh?

The Chapel

The Beginning
I'm pretty sure no one thought we'd ever make it.
In fact, I don't think we really believed we would!

17 Years Later

The passing of the years:  same couple, same tree.
May 11, 1974
May 11, 1981 

We've just past our 25th.
Unfortunately,  we don't have another Devens' Chapel picture.
Fort Devens isn't Fort Devens anymore.

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