Fort Devens 
Out in the Field
Before we could be given our orders for a permanent duty station, we all needed to go through additional training in "real life" situations.  Real Life consisted of riding in the back of a duce-and-a-half for several hours until we reached this farmer's field.


We set up our equipment and tents, and then relaxed.


Robert Blakemore, one of the instructors
Sergeant Eide, the man in charge
Charlie Wade, another instructor

When we weren't learning how to use the equipment, we did what anyone else would do if they were camping out:  sat around and talked about anything and everything, played cards and got to know each other.  I never thought I'd see that equipment again.  And I didn't--until I got to Augsburg Germany over a year later.


Gene Murphy and Jeanne Maynard
These 2 ended up getting married a couple of years later.
Just to prove we werent always in our fatigues! (Charlie Wade, again)

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Boston Common!

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