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So what is Cabaret? Here is a summary of the musical.

The story of the Musical

The musical begins in the seedy Kit-Kat Klub, in Berlin. The first person to greet us is the camp and entertaining Emcee.

Song:Wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome

Sitting alone in a train carriage heading towards Berlin is Clifford Bradshaw, an American Novelist, hoping to gain inspiration from the famous city, to write his new novel. Another man enters the carriage. This is Ernst Ludwig, a native of Berlin. He engages Cliff in conversation. We find out that Ernst has smuggled goods in one of his briefcases. This is silk stockings and perfumes from Paris. Ernst recommends to Cliff, an excellent place to stay in Berlin, at the Fraulein Schneiders place and Cliff agrees to give Ernst English lessons.

Cliff decides to take Ernst's advice and rent a room from Fraulein Schneider. Although she haggles, Cliff states that he can afford very little, and they agree a room and price of fifty marks. Schneider tells Cliff of her previous life as a wealthy woman, and the changes that she has experienced to lead her to this state of destitution.

Song: So what

Back at the Kit Kat Klub, the Emcee introduces us to the Vivacious Sally Bowles, the lead Klub performer, and the delectable Kit Kat Girls.

Song: Don't tell Mama

Cliff makes contact with Sally using the telephone's which are situated on all the tables in the club, to allow people to speak to each other. Sally introduces herself. She is English, and finds Cliff's accent and poetry a real turn on. The klub comes alive with activity.

Song: The Telephone Song

Back in Cliff's room, we see Ernst taking his first English lesson. He realises Cliff needs money, and suggests that he supplements his income by making visits to Paris for him. Sally enters and we find that she and Ernst are well acquainted. Sally pleads with Cliff to let her stay in his room, as she has been thrown out of her present room, at the klub.

Song: Perfectly Marvellous

'But I've only got one narrow bed', explains Cliff. 'We'll think of something!' says Sally. The Emcee takes up on the naughty aspect of this with the next song

Song: Two Ladies

We are greeted with Fraulein Kost, also renting a room at Fraulein Schneiders place. Schneider enters and argues with Kost, 'I don't want to catch you bringing in any more sailors!' Herr Schultz enters with some fruit for Fraulein Schneider which he has taken from his shop. The 'rare' pineapple that she is greeted with, is enough to make her sing

Song: It couldn't please me more

The vicious Nazi undercurrent hits us now, with a group of Party members singing the rousing Nazi anthem

Song: Tomorrow belongs to me

Cliff is enjoying his stay in Berlin. He has much to write about, and much to do in the city and tells us of his enjoyment. He agrees with Ernst to bring back a parcel from Paris in a few days time, which he will be well paid for. He is also told that it is for some political party. Sally announces that she has become pregnant. The father of the child is not known, but Cliff could be a possibility. For Cliff, this puts a new perspective on their relationship.

Song: Why should I wake up

We are transported back to the Kit Kat Klub, where the Emcee and girls do a tap routine.

Song: Sitting Pretty

Fraulein Kost is seen with three sailors coming out from her room. This is too much for Herr Schultz, who states that she should have more respect for his future wife. Considering their future together, Schultz and Schneider sing.

Song: Married

An engagement Party is planned to be held in Herr Schultz's fruit shop. At the party, Sally presents the couple with a glass fruit bowl as a wedding gift. Schultz gets a little worse for wear, and entertains the party guests with a Jewish song he knows.

Song: Meeskite

Ernst is also at the party. He is disgusted at the Jewish aspect to the party, and creates a scene. Cliff realises that the goods he is transporting from Paris are to fund the Nazi party. Fraulein Kost placates everyone, and invites Ernst to sing with her. The song is the Nazi anthem, to which eventually all the guests at the party (except the jewish couple) find themselves singing.

Song: Tomorrow belongs to me


We are transported back to the Kit Kat Klub, where the girls are forming a Kick-line. One of the dancers is in fact the Emcee, who reveals his true identity (to the amusement of the audience) at the end of the song.

Things are turning ugly for the newly engaged couple. A brick is thrown through the shop window, with the Nazi flag attached.

Song: Married (reprise)

The Emcee appears with a gorilla, and gives us a song to reinforce the difficulties faced by the Jewish couple.

Song: If you could see her

In Cliffs room, Fraulein Schneider returns the wedding gift. She explains that she can see no future in her marriage with Herr Schultz, and has broken off their engagement. Both Sally and Cliff attempt to reassure her that things will be alright, but she is adamant.

Song: What would you do?

Cliff and Sally fall out. Sally wants to continue with her work at the Klub, but Cliff wants her to come back to America with him, and have the baby. Sally is torn between two worlds. Back at the Klub, Sally sings the Cabaret theme

Song: Cabaret

Later, in Cliff's room, Sally and Cliff slowly come to terms with the seperate lives that they now have to lead. We realise that Sally has had an abortion the previous night. Cliff leaves by train, the same way he arrived.

Finale: Ensemble

Unfortunely a construction accident has side lined the Broadway production of Cabaret, but shows will be resuming shortly. I will have ticket information shorty, but in the mean time, pick up the movie at your local rental store.


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