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The Love I Miss

Touching me softy, I breath,
tiny gasps of air escape me.
You look at me so lovingly,
as your arms pull me near.
Giving me temptation, do I take such dare?
As your tongue slips past my lips,
your hands glides down my hips.
My body starts to cries out,
please continue this.
Giving in to temptation, giving in to you,
doing every little thing , fulfilling me and you.
As our sweat mingles together,
I call out to you,
"Oh My God Baby," losing me to you.
sensuous rocks my body,
as passion claims my soul,
I awake suddenly, and realize I'm alone.
As I lay back my head,
and tears claim my bed,
I replay again, the love I miss.

Written by Beverlee Maclellan
(AKA -Leather_N_Lace in Talk Excite

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