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The Reoccuring Dream

Temperatures run high, as we hit the ground.
We are kissing passionatly,long and hard.
Our tongues dart with each kiss,
To taste each others hot bliss.

The blood in my body starts to flow.
There’s something happening,I can’t control.
I grab you,longing to make you mine,
Your body seems to be keeping the right time.

Sweat pours from my body,
and where it lands, it mingles with your’s.
As the passion rises higher,
My body screams, from the deepest core.

We laid in the grass where we landed,
and noticed the heavens fell upon us.
Fog had landed on the ground,
where we had this passion round.

I woke and realized it was a dream.
A dream I had again,of you and me.
I rise from my bed, and I look out the window.
Looking upon that feild ,I dreamt,we did it in.

A single tear flows down my cheek,
but is soon absorb, from the remaining heat.
I may never have you again,
but these dreams will always remain with me til the end

written by Beverlee MacLellan

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